ASP.NET — the Big Boy of Web Application Development

ASP.NET is a combo of Active Server Pages (ASP) along with .NET framework. It is believed to be the best way to build dynamic web apps offering immense scalability in its features. Microsoft has extremely simplified a lot in the realm of traditional web application development and even the already simple ASP classic. The new framework has really proved to be a boon for developers. ASP.NET development services are much in demand by different organizations for the creation of their websites.

The .NET environment allows budding architects and developers to think more and understanding clients' needs and requirements. The developers do not have to ponder about the limitations of the coding part as it is fairly simple to the average developer. The .NET Framework also features interoperability and a common runtime engine, language independence and a base class library. The deployment process is simple and easy and most importantly effectively secured.

The .NET Framework supports platform independence as a program written in this framework can run on any system or PC irrespective of the framework which is implemented. Microsoft has implemented the complete .NET framework on the Windows OS and integrated some parts of the framework on non-Windows systems.

For software developers, this framework brings in a lot of changes. Clustered features and benefits are introduced here which were only available individually provided by some programming languages and tools. The incorporation of clusters offers a lot of advantages which include:

Assurance of availability of framework features to programs as part of ASP.NET application development.

Common means of accessing framework features to developers who are well versed in other programming languages.

Language independence guarantees common results irrespective of the language one is working on

Less complexity and no limitation seen in program-to-program communication even when they are written in different languages.

Some prime advantages of ASP.NET include:

Drastically reduces amount of code required to build large applications.

Provides better performance due to features like early binding and just-in-time compilation

The framework is complemented well by a rich featured toolbox and designer in the Visual Studio IDE.

In short, ASP.NET is the ideal programming framework which can be used to create enterprise-class web sites and useful web applications. ASP.NET application development has made it accessible on a global basis and thus promoted efficient information management on a wide level.


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