Three Common Mistakes Made by Mobile Designer & Developers

As a developer and a mobile designer, avoiding common mistakes should be top priority otherwise it can ruin the effectiveness of the mobile application. So, it is helpful to keep the crucial aspects in mind when designing and developing mobile apps.

In the last few years, there has been significant rise in the number of mobile users all across the world, which in turn has created a huge market for the developers of mobile apps and games. Be it apps for iPhone or Android phones, you will find any kind of app you are looking for. On the other hand, developing mobile apps is not a tough nut to crack these days. In case you already have an excellent app idea in your mind for mobile phones then this article will surely prove to be useful for you. This article will provide you a peep into the common mistakes made by mobile app designers and developers. And by skipping them you can surely make your mobile app more successful among the users.

Less refined feature set
When developing applications, developers usually get carried away by incorporating high-end features. It has always been seen that adding too many features usually affect the quality as well as design of the application. In addition, it may also affect your deadlines when delivering the application. For this reason, when it comes to the planning stage, it is better to bring down every single idea on paper, regardless of its smartness or feasibility. Consider each and every aspect before implementing the same. Do not feel bad if you have to leave behind few great features to make your app successful. Once you have select few relevant features, start working on them without thinking about any other features.

Poor spacing and alignment
It has often been seen that developers, particularly those who do not have much experience, find it tough to deal with spacing and alignment. Well, you can make use of your analytical meticulousness to ensure each and every element in your mobile app design is perfectly aligned. In case you have set the margins as 10px then make sure you use that all through the app. In addition, the elements should have the same space throughout the app, along with enough padding between the elements. Always try to incorporate more white space when designing mobile apps.

Using small tap targets
When your mobile app contains too many elements within a cramped space then it certainly becomes difficult for the users to tap on the small-sized buttons, which can be quite frustrating. For this reason, always finger-sized tap buttons to make sure users can find it easy to use your app. You should keep the size at least 44 pixels square. However, it is not necessary to keep the button size 44 pixels square. You can increase the area in target by making it larger than the tapping button itself. So, even if the user inaccurately taps outside the button, it will still activate the button.

iOS App Development for the Enterprise - Few Golden Rules to Follow

Businesses today want to gain the maximum from alternative platforms like digital and mobile platforms. Over the past few years, the mobile space has proved to be lucrative for many businesses since it is not just cost-effective but is also far-reaching.

If you have set up your business not long ago or whether you are looking for a professional app developer for the iOS platform, then there are several parameters to adhere to before to assign the app development work to a particular app developer. Even before you assign someone with the app development project for iOS platform, you would want to know how the application development procedure functions so that in the future, you do not have depend on third-party app developers every time you want a new app for your business.

Though you may not give a serious thought to it, but it is always beneficial to get yourself or your core teams trained with iOS app development process and also get acquainted with the app development protocols and terms that will eventually enable you to run your organization or business in a smooth and a profitable manner.
Before you begin the enterprise app development for iOS platform, it is essential that you get a real picture of your needs and expectations. It always helps to chalk out what you wish to achieve with the development of a particular app and what steps will you take apart from app development process to accomplish that goal. It is a good idea to maintain a flow chart. If you are keen to hire a skilled, professional team to design apps for your business, then it will be greatly beneficial to get a detailed listing of all database locations.

When developing iOS apps for your enterprise, you should factor in all security protocols and also verify if there are certain aspects of the app of information that need to be kept confidential while using the app. While developing the app, the main objective should be that it is user-friendly. Keep in mind that tablet and smartphone apps primarily exist to simplify various business-related processes and also make them efficient and convenient, rather than complicating them. Your target audience will not spend more than a few seconds to unearth what the app is all about. Similarly, if the app does not provide something constructive or unique, no one has the patience to download and install the app on their device.

You should not try to redefining the development wheel. If you realize that you are investing a lot of time to input data that has already been automated to enable a smooth flow for your app, then start looking for shortcuts. You may not be aware of it but there are several tools that do not even necessitate iOS app development experience which can be accessed easily to locate existing databases. If you are directly involved with the app development work and feel that the deadline is nearing with no significant progress, then waste no time to bring in some experts with relevant experience who can speed up the task.

Disruptive Innovation Using Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have surged in popularity in today’s age because of various reasons. They are flexible, powerful, versatile and fits the user’s needs perfectly well. But most importantly they are so popular because they bring about a fresh wave of innovation in the industry and disrupt the age old mannerisms and methodologies to make human lives better and more comfortable. Here is a montage of a few apps that we find were the most disruptive apps of all times.


This is our favorite app and the pioneers among the other disruptive apps. This app has changed the way we perceive photos and share amongst us. The photo filters that it offers has been loved by smartphone users so much that it has led to a whole new genre of image processing apps providing such photo filters. 

Instagram has disrupted the usage of photos in general and has made casual photo snappers into professional photographic designers. It truly deserves to be one of the fastest growing companies on the planet with over 80 million users already using their service daily. 


Co-founded by Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, Square is creating a whole new level of financial interaction between businesses and customers. They have built an app for businesses around their unique POS system that can be plugged into your iPhone or iPad’s headphone jack and can be used to swipe a credit card to charge their customers. 

This is a new breakthrough and is leading us towards a world with no physical cash transfers. This is the highest form of disruptive innovation that a mobile app can bring about in the real world.


Dropbox is a file sharing portal using cloud computing. It lets you carry your files over your computer and your mobile devices and keeps them perfectly in sync. Having a mobile device with you and having the Dropbox app installed in it ensures that you’re never away from your important files.

This has taken the file sharing to a whole new level which is an amazing example of disruptive innovation. Gone are the days when you had to carry your files on a USB stick or a physical drive. 


Writing notes and managing short term information is one of the most important tasks that we do on our smartphones. Evernote is an app that has enabled us to save notes beautifully and keep it saved and synched everywhere for us. 

It is one of the earliest and one of the coolest mobile apps to help us remember everything in our fast and quickly changing lives. 

Night Sky

Not many of you would have heard of this app like the other 4 mentioned above. Night sky is an app that lets you hold up your device up in the sky and identifies stars, planets and constellations for you and points them on your screen. How cool is that!

Never before any app has used the person’s GPS and the Compass so magnificently to come up with such beautiful and innovative app. It is a very clever and sweet app with a cocktail of augmented reality, astronomy and mobile apps.

We at Elan Emerging Technologies have been very enthusiastically developing mobile apps for iOS and Android platform related to photos editing, barcode scanning, payment processing, GPS-based, personal assistance, note taking, file sharing, etc. Our apps like Canson Digital, Document Viewer, Payquiqr, Arabic Notes, GoodPeopleRun, etc apps are excellent examples of apps providing such features. 

The Growing Trend Of iPad App Development Services

iPad as device has brought a revolution in the world of tablets. There are a number of possibilities within this amazing device that every IT development company has started looking for developers for developing applications for iPad. The amazing touch screen characteristic has delighted millions around the globe. The iPad is a revolutionary item and Apple has caused a buzz in the engineering market with its creation of the tablet PC.

iPad applications provide a consistent coordination with the smart phone platform which helps it to connect to the clients. This facility that is provided by iPad apps cannot be possible in browser based applications. The iPad applications have increased the popularity of the product. The credit for this solely goes to the development team who has developed these applications.

The iPad applications are the reason why the popularity of iPad as a product has increased. The apps are used in various industries which include ipad app development for education, healthcare, development, training, and business to expand profit and form work capacities and additionally it is much of the time utilized by learners and experts to meet their different requirements. iPad application development is a developing market as per envisioned by the market surveyors. Most of the software development companies provide this service as the clients demand for this greatly.iPad app development is a growing market and most IT firms offer to build iPad apps to fulfill the requirements of the business.

The different areas where innovative iPad applications development services are available include:

iPad apps have made the learning process faster and fascinating for students. Many schools in US have adopted this wonderful device in the school for teaching and learning. It enables the pupils to finish their assignments, surf for additional data on the web, and keep a nearby track of their projects.

iPad apps are frequently used in healthcare to assist the experts to work in an organized and orderly manner. Specialists and medical caretakers utilize the iPad to record the patient's health condition, his reports and his past history. In case of emergencies, it make possible to have patient’s health record for a fast reference.

Business Development:
iPad is a marvelous business tool as it helps the marketing personnel to demonstrate the apps on the iPad to prove the company’s strength of development. Once the clients are impressed, they shall give business to the company. A business executive thinks it simple to read mail, surf the web, and complete critical presentations on the iPad.

Sales and Marketing:
iPad applications help to make document project proposals and get approvals for it. The work could be carried out rapidly with a minimum amount of expense. There are many apps available on the Apple store that helps to support the sales related functionalities which thereby helps to get more income.

Due to the craze and need of the market, skilled and smart iPad application developers are needed by the companies. Clients always want innovative functionality and this is what has to be provided in terms of the app by the iPad app development companies.

iPhone App Development - Types of Apps Which Are Popular in the Market

The iOS app market has exploded in recent times with the Apple store reporting nearly a billion downloads which is testimony to the craze. It is important now to have an app for a business or promotion since they prove to be great marketing tools to drive incessant traffic and revenue from all areas. Angry Birds has already reaped $50M off a simple premise. Some app developers are able to develop basic free apps and yet attract a lot of conversation and attention.

It is said that the app development process is costly. But it is not as expensive and with a good concept, it is not even tough enough to start.

One can develop different apps beyond all categories in which it is segregated in the App Store. You can have apps related to food, lifestyle and the like. But each of the apps attends to different sets of audience and hence they need to be different from each other.

Always go for the basic table functionality in your apps since it becomes easier for the user to view the topics and something to click on. The email One can design a good business app for email which includes an app with some basic information. It is also good enough to try developing basic apps for the iOS store.

One of the types of apps that developers can always aim to develop is Database driven custom functionality - based apps. These types of apps always connect to a repository of information which is stored in a database which might include audio, video, pictures, information about contacts, related inventory for a business and the like. Databases aim to organize and display all the elements in a distinguished manner. One can evolve from the basic table format so that the app works in a different way. But the development process is more complex in a database-driven app.

Games include the largest complexity ratio compared to any other app, right from the basic Atari-like app to a full blown animated game based on a 3D physics engine which includes high speed air racing, and simulation based games. Most of the games rely on scoring points which enhances the overall user experience and nearly every game involves the Game Center which allows you to participate with users online.

Device firmware or hardware enhancements - Some apps have the ability to alter certain functions of the phone including the alarm feature, or the camera which are enhanced for better results. Camera+ app for example has the ability to add unique filters to the pictures that you click.

Some apps which can be developed rely purely on external information - including the social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flipboard. They are interactive enough to get you info in a trice.

Apps like some custom utilities can help you enter content and store them for future use. One can administer control on the app and give away control of the app to the user depending on the need. One should be sure of the app that one needs to develop before plunging into the actual process.