Disruptive Innovation Using Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have surged in popularity in today’s age because of various reasons. They are flexible, powerful, versatile and fits the user’s needs perfectly well. But most importantly they are so popular because they bring about a fresh wave of innovation in the industry and disrupt the age old mannerisms and methodologies to make human lives better and more comfortable. Here is a montage of a few apps that we find were the most disruptive apps of all times.


This is our favorite app and the pioneers among the other disruptive apps. This app has changed the way we perceive photos and share amongst us. The photo filters that it offers has been loved by smartphone users so much that it has led to a whole new genre of image processing apps providing such photo filters. 

Instagram has disrupted the usage of photos in general and has made casual photo snappers into professional photographic designers. It truly deserves to be one of the fastest growing companies on the planet with over 80 million users already using their service daily. 


Co-founded by Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, Square is creating a whole new level of financial interaction between businesses and customers. They have built an app for businesses around their unique POS system that can be plugged into your iPhone or iPad’s headphone jack and can be used to swipe a credit card to charge their customers. 

This is a new breakthrough and is leading us towards a world with no physical cash transfers. This is the highest form of disruptive innovation that a mobile app can bring about in the real world.


Dropbox is a file sharing portal using cloud computing. It lets you carry your files over your computer and your mobile devices and keeps them perfectly in sync. Having a mobile device with you and having the Dropbox app installed in it ensures that you’re never away from your important files.

This has taken the file sharing to a whole new level which is an amazing example of disruptive innovation. Gone are the days when you had to carry your files on a USB stick or a physical drive. 


Writing notes and managing short term information is one of the most important tasks that we do on our smartphones. Evernote is an app that has enabled us to save notes beautifully and keep it saved and synched everywhere for us. 

It is one of the earliest and one of the coolest mobile apps to help us remember everything in our fast and quickly changing lives. 

Night Sky

Not many of you would have heard of this app like the other 4 mentioned above. Night sky is an app that lets you hold up your device up in the sky and identifies stars, planets and constellations for you and points them on your screen. How cool is that!

Never before any app has used the person’s GPS and the Compass so magnificently to come up with such beautiful and innovative app. It is a very clever and sweet app with a cocktail of augmented reality, astronomy and mobile apps.

We at Elan Emerging Technologies have been very enthusiastically developing mobile apps for iOS and Android platform related to photos editing, barcode scanning, payment processing, GPS-based, personal assistance, note taking, file sharing, etc. Our apps like Canson Digital, Document Viewer, Payquiqr, Arabic Notes, GoodPeopleRun, etc apps are excellent examples of apps providing such features. 


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