iPhone App Development - Types of Apps Which Are Popular in the Market

The iOS app market has exploded in recent times with the Apple store reporting nearly a billion downloads which is testimony to the craze. It is important now to have an app for a business or promotion since they prove to be great marketing tools to drive incessant traffic and revenue from all areas. Angry Birds has already reaped $50M off a simple premise. Some app developers are able to develop basic free apps and yet attract a lot of conversation and attention.

It is said that the app development process is costly. But it is not as expensive and with a good concept, it is not even tough enough to start.

One can develop different apps beyond all categories in which it is segregated in the App Store. You can have apps related to food, lifestyle and the like. But each of the apps attends to different sets of audience and hence they need to be different from each other.

Always go for the basic table functionality in your apps since it becomes easier for the user to view the topics and something to click on. The email One can design a good business app for email which includes an app with some basic information. It is also good enough to try developing basic apps for the iOS store.

One of the types of apps that developers can always aim to develop is Database driven custom functionality - based apps. These types of apps always connect to a repository of information which is stored in a database which might include audio, video, pictures, information about contacts, related inventory for a business and the like. Databases aim to organize and display all the elements in a distinguished manner. One can evolve from the basic table format so that the app works in a different way. But the development process is more complex in a database-driven app.

Games include the largest complexity ratio compared to any other app, right from the basic Atari-like app to a full blown animated game based on a 3D physics engine which includes high speed air racing, and simulation based games. Most of the games rely on scoring points which enhances the overall user experience and nearly every game involves the Game Center which allows you to participate with users online.

Device firmware or hardware enhancements - Some apps have the ability to alter certain functions of the phone including the alarm feature, or the camera which are enhanced for better results. Camera+ app for example has the ability to add unique filters to the pictures that you click.

Some apps which can be developed rely purely on external information - including the social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flipboard. They are interactive enough to get you info in a trice.

Apps like some custom utilities can help you enter content and store them for future use. One can administer control on the app and give away control of the app to the user depending on the need. One should be sure of the app that one needs to develop before plunging into the actual process.


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