HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Future Beyond!

HTML is essential in building web pages and is very simple to understand and use. It is free and is supported by any browser. HTML and CSS both favored by search engines and hence are used during web development extensively. CSS helps in decreasing the size of the whole code by encapsulating within groups while helps websites to load quicker than they usually do. CSS gives better flexibility and features than HTML too also in terms of design and the overall impact. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommends both languages for web development.

Everything has changed under the roof since Web 2.0, and it is the only constant phenomena. Web development has undergone a whirlwind change since HTML and CSS have developed significantly. HTML versions are available in the market in great numbers and hence there are a number of versions in the market with HTML 3, version 3.2, version 4.0, and version 4.01. HTML 5 is the latest and the first futuristic version which is yet to be developed and soon to be released in the market. CSS versions are also available in the market with the latest being CSS 3.

HTML 5 is of great help to several web development providers. It was first developed by IBM to lower the load of transfer of files involving different systems. With the launch of different versions in subsequent years, the versions started including international characters, tables, and a variety of image maps. XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 2.0 was first released by W3C and the idea of HTML 5 was born. With the advent of HTML 5, it is expected have embedding features with the background threads featuring in processing work while video implantation will be devoid of a separate plug-in or codec.

CSS is perfect for styling the web pages which are first prepared and created in any markup language. To overcome the constraints of HTML 3.2, CSS was introduced by the W3C. CSS 3 is now released for providing impeccable web development services. CSS is still in vogue in popular modern browsers but soon it is expected to rise in popularity.

These programming languages are futuristic in design and structure and are very much expected to rise in the future. CSS 3 is undoubtedly the forerunner and its growing popularity is sure to boost the quality of web development services. HTML 5 is expected to rev up professional web development services too.
we can utilizing these modern languages in our Web Application Development and HTML5 development.


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