SaaS Services and Cloud Computing Trends

SaaS services and cloud computing have made a steady buzz in the market. Consistent revenue streams, access to unexplored markets and reduction in TCO is in for the taking for customers. With SaaS, software vendors can work closely with clients and try to understand their requirements. This would help companies to provide what their clients actually want.

SaaS processes efficiently deliver valuable information with the mandatory access to back-office tools which in turn streamlines the overall marketing and selling processes. SaaS helps in delivering easier to configure software to customers. Although the Software as a service platform can build and migrate itself to any other third party application, it also provides a host of other benefits:

Web-based time & labor management for real-time data capturing feature, across a broad spectrum of industries.

Sales Force Automation features including management of contacts, scheduling of activities, and customer relationship support. Even existing contacts and old data can be imported into the Software as a Service system.

The Software as a service platform helps in Business Intelligence and will help companies to obtain more value from the desired information prompting better decisions. Advanced online tools allow monitoring metrics which helps one to assess the competition and the strategy which can be implemented to gain customers.
According to the "Software CEO/CFO Outlook 2011" study commissioned by Sand Hill Group, majority of respondents, which included the CEOs and CFOs felt that cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service will demand the largest amount of spending for the next 12 months.

According to the recent survey, most respondents felt that cloud computing is the in thing and would be the most frequent types of software projects which will demand the most IT spending. The drivers for majority of them were to boost efficiencies and reduction in costs.

The global cloud computing market is trending upwards and moving swiftly. Analyst firm 451 Market Monitor has listed its predictions that SaaS will fetch $16.7 billion in revenue by 2013, which is nearly twice the amount ($8.7 billion) in 2010.

However, the management of a successful SaaS business model is difficult enough and is ridden with complexities. we understand this and most of the preferred projects have been on SaaS building blocks. Cloud computing demands infinite skills and the company is ready to commence the transformation journey with you. expertise will be helpful in gaining customer confidence in SaaS services and boost overall efficiency.
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