Android Development Surges Ahead With New Features

Android is one of the best mobile software platforms for mobile app development. Android App Development actually offers a plethora of benefits for mobile application developers. It is actually good for imaginative upcoming developers who can churn out innovative apps for different smartphone devices and also push the hardware quality further. Those who have previous experience in working with programming languages can look for great features and enhance them further. The Software Development Kit offered by Android is fantastic to get one a head start to create an app and get it implemented swiftly.

Mobile phones work nowadays as pocket fit PCs because mobile phones have now been integrated with different features and tools. Apps for smartphones are created without having to pass through complex procedures and are a great source of entertainment and ROI. There are many mobile application development companies which now offer extremely lucrative app development services for those who want to create apps for their own firms.

Are you one of those who incessantly try to search for the best apps on the planet even though you know they are the paid ones mostly! Are you also wary of credit card transactions?

One of the many things very good which is good about Android is that many apps are free, but you need to shell a dollar or two to get better ones or even the full versions.

The process of Android application development includes Java programming and you can create apps that make use of smartphone features such as the GPS, accelerometer, and video camera. The apps can be made to highlight different marketing campaigns, movies, and game launches even something based on public interest and sports.

The application development teams should be talented enough for developing innovative applications and should be aware of the public interest in a certain domain, including business and games. Social apps are in great demand and there are many unique things that one can create with the latest 2.3 update from Android.

Coming to the point whether Android is a real killer of iPhone, there are many analysts who say that it isn't while some say that it is. One needs to keep in perspective that Android does not have a great smartphone to boast of, other than Samsung Galaxy SII, even though when the platform has great scope and ability. iPhone UI is one to watch out for, even now because it is difficult even today for an iPhone user to adjust to a new Android device because of its seamless touch and multi-tasking abilities.

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