HTML5 Development: a boon to web developers

Since long iPhone app developers have been looking for a solution that can help in decreasing the time and amount needed for developing apps. Thanks to HTML5 that has made the task easy and allows iPhone users to search for videos without installing flash Plugin. HTML5 development is efficient over flash and building with it is easy as it doesn't require much specialize coding. It introduces a wide range of features starting right from multimedia and database support to faster processing.

Some features that come with HTML5 allows users to store more information offline. This allows users to run applications even when there's no internet. By storing cookies and cache, it allows developers to work even without an Internet connection. This becomes a great plus for mobile app and HTML developers. Moreover, it works on various platforms like Android and Blackberry. Another plus that attracts users is that adding things are very easy. Its just like adding an attachment when composing an email in Gmail.

For game lovers there's a good news because with it the users don't need to download the games they want to play but with it they can instantly play games without installing them. With this the users (of any platform) can rest assured that the quality of game would also remain the same. You can play games without installing plug-ins. It allows developers to use cleaner code and also customize the page the way they like. With it developers can access more exciting websites and applications.

Web Developers have always tried to create applications displaying fluid animations, music and video. They have been trying to integrate it with social networking sites as well but this could only happen by applying Flash or Silverlight. This made the process more complex and at the same time it also consumes more time for developing Web Applications. With the new video element you can easily embed video elements on web page.

HTML5 Development also provides a well defined and structured database. Though this database isn't the permanent one but still it enables you to temporarily store the structured data. You can store emails and shopping cart items in it. This data can be used for supporting web application.
Often the users complain that once they get disconnected they are unable to view the page.
But thanks to HTML 5 that has given us a smart solution to it. With it developer can specify the files that need to be cached when online. Thus, even if you are offline you can still reload the correct page.

Here's what magics you can do with it:

1. Geo-location
2. Microdata Placeholder text in forms
3. History API
4. videos load and play faster
5. provides canvas elements

To conclude, it can be said that HTML5 is the future of Web and with new features that are going to be added soon, it would make the existing work even more easy.

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