iPhone Apps Development Trends - The Craze Has Not Died Yet!

Ever since Apple introduced iPhone and the App store, developers have been interested in making the apps as public-friendly as possible. With the recent release of the trendy iPod touch and iPhone 4 and smart and sleek iPad, the overall interest has increased manifold and the development costs too have skyrocketed.

One of the most renowned analytics software firm Pinch Media had something to reveal about the iPhone app usage recently. About 20% are supposed to use a free app after they download it while there have been less than 5% of the people who stay on after a month or so. The paid apps do not even pull in traffic and amount to less than 5% on the first day which is extremely less.

The stats revealed by Pinch Media are insightful as it clearly showed that the apps don't have repeat value. Most users move on within a month to find some other apps and also switch their interest in some other entertainment apps.

Most of the apps are nowadays aligned towards entertainment but as analysts say, business apps which are preferred by professionals and corporate guys is here to stay and will surge ahead in the near future. According to an iPhone App Developers, the apps should be properly priced and the apps are also offered at promotional rates sometimes to generate interest.

Generally, many companies prefer to sell apps without having to advertise so they send it with the free apps and make the most of it by keeping the app relevant to the subject of the game. Some niche apps demand much higher ad rates too.

One thing is for certain that the developers have to be knowledgeable of the current tastes of the market and should know what people want. The best apps listed on the App store are the ones that are very simple but addictive and also very well marketed. The very first step is to aggressively market the product, which is tricky and dicey but once the ball starts rolling and working nothing can actually deter your app to be sold more than once!

Additionally, one need not keep the games market for teenagers of adolescents, because even adults are crazy about games, especially Angry Birds and Cut the Rope which are ruling the roost. The animations used for the creation of the app are also state-of-the-art and the layouts and concepts mostly profound and well researched.

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