Advent of Android Development Companies and the Competitive Market

Android is a complete open source platform for mobile development built on Linux 2.6 kernel. It is a fantastic operating system laced with a huge set of libraries and a great UI and an app store which is soon going to rival Apple’s own App Store.

This operating system was launched in 2007 by Google in joint venture with Open Handset Alliance which included more than 30 telecom, hardware and software companies. The platform supports Java-like languages and is primarily targeted for modern mobile devices and smartphones with touch screen and good multimedia support.

Some of the demarcating features of Android Applications which makes it different than the rest includes:
A robust ecosystem between the developer, user, manufacturer and the company
Open-source platform which lets developers show creativity and vision
Huge Android developers community with a number of events, forums and hosted competitions
Facilitates use of all the Google services including Gmail, Gtalk and Google Maps
Supports flash applications (iPhones can’t )
Helps to reuse and replace components

Android-based smartphones are surging in popularity day-by-day. And to match it all, there are umpteen Android Development companies coming up who are adding up to the store. There is a tremendous rise of apps including games, utilities and business apps while the market has secured a 32 per cent rise every month. Industry experts have always believed that the surge is because of superb smartphones and also because of the open-source nature of the OS, which makes it a worthy competitor to every other mobile platform in the mid-range and high-range smartphone market.

Most Android Development Companies are experts at using Android SDK along with its APIs. Some of the applications that are in great demand are
Business apps
Security apps
Bar Code Apps including QR codes
Travel apps
Multimedia apps
Internet support apps

There are a humungous number of mobile developers who work for Android development companies vying for the top spot in terms of innovation, utility and design. These developers are skillful in providing apps which are tailored to the wants of the market. There are various mobile app development companies which have come up in offshore markets and are extremely cost-effective to say the least. Most companies are centered in India, China, and the Philippines. They have the latest tools at their disposal and some very adept Android programmers who can make the best use of Android SDK. The companies leverage the Android platform in the form of apps which are extremely innovative and inventive for today’s market.

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