How Is Your Mobile Website Experience?

The technological world has gone through drastic changes, especially in the last decade. Mobile websites and their development have sprung up some years back, the changes have been quick while the innovations in smart phones and other high-end mobiles have been quicker!

During the early days of mobile web, the only way to browse the online world was with help of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) sites. A WAP site makes use of WML (Wireless Markup Language) which is the primary markup language. WML is actually another XML-based language. There have been many technologies which have superseded WAP too. One can even ignore WML completely in today’s context. It was mostly used by legacy systems by sites which target specific customers.

One potential group of customers is still utilizing WML browsers especially in developing nations. Nokia 1100 and 1101, which made use of the technology features extremely basic layouts of different websites.
One can ignore WML in mobile web programming and make use of XHTML, which is in-demand today! Most built-in phone browsers having XHTML support XHTML and XHTML-MP (MP refers to mobile profile.

XHTML-MP consists of fewer elements compared to XHTML but it has much tighter restrictions. There is difference in both formats and they parse and render web documents easily. But there is not much difference in writing the code for both the markup languages.

Knowing these screen dimensions is very helpful since one can set content and design accordingly. The shape and style should be kept as linear as possible since it affects visibility in the mobile phone. This takes care that users do not feel “off-the-page” while browsing.

Low-end mobile phones have limited features and are bound by their hardware limitations especially the screen resolution and minimal ability to render XHTML documents. If the users who companies are targeting use low-end phones then mobile web development with WML is still relevant.

The mobile world has got difficult to manage since there is a lot of change in hardware and software along with inbuilt features which makes it difficult to keep pace with. The mobile developers and app developers have to be constantly in loop with the market so that they can cater to different features, different screen sizes and resolutions. The mobile world, though has managed to add a rich tapestry of variation which is congruent with the changing colors of today’s world. Additionally, it is even important to define the goal with mobile sites, as you should be clear about your customers, and also what they are likely to browse on the mobile site.

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