Web Apps and its Business use over the years

A web application is an application that is accessed over a network such as the intranet or an intranet. The term may also refer to a computer software application that is coded in a browser-supported language (such as JavaScript, combined with a browser-rendered markup language like HTML) or hosted in a browser-controlled environment like a Java applet, and is contingent on a common web browser to make the application executable. Web Application do not need any complex ‘roll-out’ procedure to deploy in large enterprises, rather just a compatible web browser is needed.

In our computer work purposes, desktop Software has been a great help. They act as our working tool on our projects, designs, interest etc. However, web apps have set an immense trend over the Web Site Developers of web based applications that are likely powerful as the desktop software; create much better output and productivity. The best thing is that you don’t have to install any of these web application to use, instead just browse over the web and surf through these web applications.

Microsoft had launched its Microsoft Office that is a web based version of Microsoft Office productivity suite few months ago. It contains the web based versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft OneNote. The web apps allow users to access their documents directly from a web browser as well as collaborate with other users online and share files. As of July 2011, over 100 million licenses to Office 2010 have already been sold. The Office Web Apps provides more choices for sharing Office documents without having to search for a new tool. When you need to send any document one way, an email attachment via internet works fine, but it breaks down when you are interacting with people and the attachments begin flying back and forth, or when the person you are sharing with doesn't have the identical version of Office. Web Apps are a great solution at these kinds of situations.

Web applications combine the power of the Internet with the minimalism of multi-touch technology, on your Smartphone. You can now browse through any web app on your finger tips.

In case of cloud computing model web apps are Software as a Service (SaaS). The business applications are provided as SaaS for enterprises based on fixed or usage dependent fee. Other web applications are offered free of charge, for generating income from advertisements shown in web application interface.

As more and more people are using web applications and providing in their daily lives, we can see fast improvements across the Windows, Mac, Linux, Smartphones and Web browser.

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