WordPress Development and its Themes

With its rise in adoption by millions of people, WordPress is certainly giving other CMS packages a run for their money. WordPress gives the inventing ability of creating a magnificent website to the layman who is not geeky or does not have any knowledge about web design, CSS, HTML or any website creation languages. At this point there are innumerable WordPress themes on the web. Some theme creators are living off their creations too!

It is great that WordPress has now opened a section wherein budding developers & designers can earn with the help of their own creations. Some say that theme building is not that important but some do realize that once they buy a theme, it can be completely replicated by others. There are so many lookalike websites nowadays because anybody can pick up the other site’s theme.
Some of the best theme frameworks are mentioned here. The four themes mentioned here are some of the most downloaded ones on the web. People have downloaded them more than once and you have great customization options for your WordPress website.

Thematic is a open-source and highly extensible WordPress Theme Framework which is SEO-supportive and features 13 widget-ready parts along with some mindblowing layout samples. Some of the styling is reminiscent of popular plugins too.

The Thesis Theme framework is actually a paid and premium theme framework for WordPress  and can actually prove to be rock-solid foundation for websites. More than 35,000 people on this theme which supports SEO, flexibility in design, and quick loading.

The Whiteboard framework is great to get the designing process done quickly. The theme reduces time spent by removing the generic div structure and back-end PHP that is common to other themes too.

The OnePress Community theme framework is a WordPress theme which easily leverages the UI and look and feel of WordPress and phpBB projects.It also provides features which can help you maintain and build your site. It also helps the overall community for creating a professional presentation of the online image of a company.

Wordpress plays an important role in creating well-designed websites and blogs. Additionally, it gives added meaning and depth to the mission and vision of a company. One needs to hire a WordPress development company to compete with other companies who have similar websites for promoting their services. Hence it is important to have a unique and innovative strategy and a brilliant development company for implementing a WordPress website and theme.

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