Advantages of AJAX Development

Get ready for a dynamic web experience with AJAX Development which does not even need a page refresh! AJAX just provides that inimitable effect to the websites that it adorns. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and is a fantastic programming technique which lets you build attractive web applications. Interactivity of AJAX-powered interfaces is what makes them so popular as it easily completes the widening gap of desktop and web applications.

With AJAX implementation for creating custom web applications, there would be better speed, interactivity and even usability amongst the users. Even simple sites can be created using AJAX while some of the most complex business applications are also made using AJAX.

Rich web interfaces actually adds immense value to enterprise applications and their UI since they are designed using progressive SOA (Services Oriented Architecture). The extended visual service provided by AJAX is present along with great interactivity features and desktop functionalities. It also adds more value to user interaction even in remote applications. By adding Rich Internet Application Development ( RIA) to the applications which already function offers better control over document and data dissemination along with overall operational cost savings and enhanced security.

A full-cycle software development cycle right from business analysis to implementation and training can be worked out using AJAX. The best development tools are utilized and tested using agile methodology for short time-to-market cycles. With the modular approach and good system architecture, fantastic application maintainability is assured along with new functionalities and add-ons.
Many companies use a plethora of AJAX frameworks for creating unique aspects and features. The framework helps in boosting developers’ productivity and even revs up the cycle.

Some of the frameworks in use with AJAX
  • Prototype.js
  • R.A.D. AJAX
  • Yahoo UI
  • ASP.NET AJAX (former ATLAS)
  • jQuery
The companies who offer AJAX development services also boast of several features:
  • Cross Browser Support
  •  Coding according to latest standards and W3C WCAG compatibility
  •  Compliance to all regulations


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