Mobile Apps, Its Development And The Mobile Delivery Solution Process

Overall, mobile users have shown the tendency to go for the native look and usually want all their mobile features to be docked in a familiar interface even email, social networking, etc along with some native apps.

Nowadays if these changes are implemented the patterns are sure to impact the overall mobile solution delivery process while the best architectural change brought about would be the change from "connected" applications to "converged" ones wherein voice and messaging, location services and data services would deliver a converged experience.

Mobile applications have become much more advanced and now can consume a mashup of any number of applications for different features supporting voice, messaging, data and location services maintained by a third party provider preferred by the end user. These converged applications are actually dangerous to privacy if utilized in the wrong way. There are standards such as Oauth 2.0 which requires the developer to create special API keys along with access token for each service.

There is now way that nowadays developers can rely on a "single sign on" mechanism because this does not provide any authorization capability. Converged Applications are mostly worked in a downgraded mode since there is not full consent on the part of the user to consume all services.

Mobility has revolutionized distribution strategies for software right from the "ring tone" business model to the mobile integration with an ERP. The mobile applications have an incredible reach of more than hundreds of millions of customers. This means that the developers have certainly scope of innumerable opportunities to create innovative and if an app is successful, then it can be developed for support of several other major mobile platforms. There need to be several apps per year pertaining to each and every domain for the companies to book profits. One needs to deliver some types of apps connected to a certain genre or industry which would be niche at first. There is relatively high competition between vendors of some apps which puts pressure on the mobile app developers to bring in new features often especially if there are paid mobile apps which are in purview.

Last but not least, it is important for mobile application development companies manage to create successful mobile applications so that they can understand the net step involved especially if something doesn’t work. The reach of these apps is applicable to tens of millions of users and chances are that there might be a scalability problem and the constant need to set up the back-end well much ahead of the growth of the user base.

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