PhoneGap - The Ultimate Framework for Developing Cross-platform Mobile Apps

An open source development framework PhoneGap is basically for developing mobile apps across multiple mobile devices. In today’s emerging trends in cross mobile compatible applications, this framework is a shortcut as it is easy to deploy application in various mobile platforms such as Android iPhone, and Blackberry once built in PhoneGap.

There are a lot of reasons for choosing PhoneGap development, some of these include:
Your mobile app acquire an exposure to a bigger audience, without spending separately for application development for each and every mobile platform
PhoneGap development allows the mobile apps to be compatible with all upcoming and new devices
Applications built on PhoneGap are user friendly as well as highly functional
PhoneGap based apps are versatile in usage and helps in increasing your ROI

Mobile apps built using PhoneGap allow easy interaction with mobile device hardware, including GPS, Accelerometer, etc. unlike present in other mobile apps. PhoneGap development are packaged like native apps i.e. they can be distributed via either the Android Market or Apple App Store. A number of diverse mobile platforms are being supported by PhoneGap including: Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Palm, and more.

The PhoneGap SDK offers developers with an API that help them with access to various platform as well as hardware specific features. This makes it easy for mobile app developers to use the same code on multiple mobile platforms with a minor or no variation. It thus makes the final app available to a larger audience. The PhoneGap API supports a number of hardware features like Geolocation, Vibration, Accelerometer, Sound, and more. This is thus, an ideal key for those engrossed in building an application that is compatible with multiple devices.

For building applications using PhoneGap, the standard SDK for the mobile platforms needs to be installed which is be targeted for your app as it uses these SDKs while compiling apps for that particular platform.  In case of Android development, you would require Android NDK, Android SDK, etc. In case of iPhone development, you would require an Intel based Apple Computer, iPhone SDK, Xcode, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, etc.

Mobile apps developed using PhoneGap in JavaScript and HTML, provides a number of advantages to the key features in BlackBerry SDKs, Google Android, Symbian, iPhone, Palm, iPad and more. PhoneGap has made it really simple to develop mobile apps in lesser time and cost effective manner. The sudden increase in use of mobiles has given rise to PhoneGap development which is helpful in building all sort of mobile as well as web products.

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