Development of iPhone Apps after iPhone 4S Launch Achieves a New High!

It is but obvious the release of the much awaited iOS 5 platform combined with iPhone 4S has got hundreds of software companies in a frenzy to launch the best applications for the iPhone. There are many who are trying to share the cake and hence there has been a constant improvement in the number of innovative apps.

Ever since Apple introduced iPhone apps have been continuously being developed and made as public-friendly as possible. The interest has reached a crescendo and increased manifold with the launch of more and more apps in different domains and interests.

iPhone 4S is said to be a modest upgrade over iPhone 4 since it does not boast of a revamp. The iPhone 4S has a predictably fast dual-core A5 processor with 1 GB RAM, supporting gaming and a huge increase in graphics speed. Also it boasts of around 8 hours of talk time over 3G which is great in itself. The 8 MP camera is the major difference to the iPhone 4 since it has a lot of features and works like a normal point-and-shoot camera.

Most of the apps are entertainment apps today and the next place is taken by utilities. But as analysts say, business apps which are now the first choice of most professionals and corporate guys are sure to edge out the entertainment apps. Additionally, the trick is to price the business apps well and also develop marketing strategies like promotional rates to generate interest and simultaneously, sales.

There are many companies who do not like advertise so they are packaged with free apps so that they provide a teaser to the actual app. But here iPhone App Developers need to be aware of the current tastes as well as the demands of the market. The most successful apps are the simplest ones but extremely addictive and well-marketed. The apps can be sold more than once and the ball sets rolling after the first sale!

Most companies prefer mobile application development tailor made to their needs and those which can be marketed well.  There are apps which promote businesses and make great profits via direct sales. Nowadays there have been numerous requests for music apps. One interesting fact is that the most successful apps in the iOS platform are immediately picked up by the Android platform while there are some apps and features which are inspired by Android. The latest Siri and the apps surrounding voice control have also registered a great deal of interest in iPhone lovers.


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