Mobile Apps - Then and Now!

Mobile App development always referred to the additional features that you get your mobile handheld device to do. These mobile apps are mostly downloaded or installed depending on different mobile platforms. These mobile applications are also found by default in different devices but are limited.

Some of the best known mobile platforms are the iOS, Android and the Symbian along with Blackberry and Windows Mobile and there are various app trends which are being revised ever since their inception. Most of the apps are related to business, utilities, games, news, and even financial investments and planners.

Basic technologies differ and work for an OS and hence apps made in one platform might have issues of incompatibility with the type of phones being used. There are many who have ventured in creating mobile apps and most of them replicate the success of an app belonging to one platform for compatibility of another platform.

Mobile games are in demand since since game developers have been bringing in interesting ones and they have been truly great. iPhone games are the most in demand and Android comes a close second in terms of entertainment. One of the earliest games which was launched when games started in mobiles was the Snake which was actually launched in the 70s. Nowadays mobiles have become drastically different as a average phone has more features and attributes than the costliest phone which was launched just three years back. The quality of phones and apps are simultaneously increasing.

There is a place where you can play free versions of mobile apps. There are versions of the used paid apps which can be found in the Mob4 site. The site has a huge collection of apps belonging to each and every category. The mobile version of different sites are lighter and do not take much time to load. There have been more than 1,500,000 downloads from Mob 4 which is  highly incredible. Additionally, one can browse the site easily and even navigate through the site menu through your small phone browser. There are more than 25 domains and bifurcations from which you can make a choice or just go through the free music apps, lifestyle apps, finance apps etc. as you need it.

While creating applications for the smart phones, be sure to note down the mobile functionality requirements. Additionally, be sure to make the user interface scalable even though it may require additional work in design, implementation and testing. Ensure that the right development platform is selected for mobile application development and be sure of the security requirements too.


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