Advent of iOS 5, what’s special in iPhone App Development?

With the launch of yet another iOS version for the up and coming iPhone models, developers are in frenzy to know what’s hot and what more can we expect from Apple!It is but obvious that with the advent of the much awaited iOS 5, there will be hundreds of companies who will try to share the cake, and work on what new can the firmware help out in giving out new and innovative apps.

Moreover it is difficult to find developers who are adept in iOS App Development or iPhone app development because it is time consuming and tough to master all the aspects of iPhone programming. If a company wants to get an iPhone app developed offshore, one can opt for flat bid rate or just opt for virtual workers who would be ready to work on an hourly wage.

Latest news is that there have been major changes in the latest iOS5 version. Some of them are:
  • Revamped Notification Center
  • iMessage for unlimited messaging
  • Custom Newsstand
  • Location and Time-based Reminders
  • Direct Integration of Twitter
  • On-the-fly capture with the latest Camera
  • Better Photo Enhancements
  • Site-seeing with Safari
  • Direct Access with PC-free
  • Better navigation and features in Mail
  • Better Calendar, Game-Center and Wi-fi Sync (cordless)
There are many other features coming with it, and developers can leverage many of the features to come up with their version and functions. With offshore companies based in India or any other Asian countries there is a direct advantage with development costs. The developers are quite good and since you can find neutral English speakers there, it is easy to communicate. It is difficult to find the right type of provider for a good idea of an app, and it is cumbersome to get it done again and again from different resources. Hence, one should be quite sure if they have the right provider in place.

Some tips on how to go about the whole process:
  • Keep your idea as fleshed out as possible and narrative.
  • Explain the app idea and concept to the developer clearly after documenting it. (Make sure you have your idea patented)
  • Sketch out the functionalities with the help of MS Visio or some good tool
Whether your business needs an app for the business or as general utilities of even gaming, one can approach a well-known company and a reputed one with a large portfolio of expertise and clients. After-sales support should also be checked beforehand since a good customer service center enhances the reputation of the provider.

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