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Amazon is also know as cloud computing wave. Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Robust, Scalable and Affordable infrastructure for cloud computing. A new way of reuse/integrate third party software or legacy system and No matter where the software is, what platform it residents. Mostly very popular content and frameworks in the central Amazon Web Services cloud, that users will find that web pages load more quickly than result very quickly to direct link. Public cloud like Amazon Web Services is completely changed on way look of in structure and also serve to user want to lots of utility on their products.

Benefits of Using Amazon Web Services
  • Pay-per use model
  • Instant scalability
  • Reliable/Redundant/Secure
  • Most services accessed via simple REST
  • Amazon - Experience & Commitment

Amazon is recognized lots of limitations their core business and adopted a bold and clear vision and which they executed with aplomb. Then amazon launches, Amazon Web Services and this web services must be help opportunity to replace up-front capital infrastructure. There are several services and environment build an enterprise application migration strategy for any organization. A successful migration largely depends this basic way to modify the complexity of the application architecture, coupled your application and effort you are application willing to put into migration.

Amazon is delivers a suite of tools that provide an inexpensive and scalable infrastructure as a service to company who need reliable computing services and storage of their secure database.

It is designed to work directly with their Amazon Web Services like Simple Storage Service (S3) which allows users to store and retrieve unlimited data, paying for only the resources that are used.

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