Cloud computing Trends and the Employment Impact

Cloud computing has reduced the infrastructure overheads which has been troubling different companies. Additionally, it has managed to increase employment too. Cloud computing has diverted all workload shift. Now the network of computers which constitutes the cloud can handle any amount of data and workload. A company does not have to invest upfront on hardware or software for regular updates.

Post-cloud computing support, the hardware and software demands of most companies decrease. The only thing that the computer should be ready to run is the interface system of the cloud. The cloud’s network takes care of the rest of the things.

Most have already used some sort of cloud computing technology, just that many are not aware of it. Every web-based e-mail service including Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, one has used is part of the cloud computing setup. All email programs are logged in remotely. The software and storage of emails is stored on the service's computer cloud and not on one’s personal system.

Lately cloud computing has proved to be a strong driver of employment growth since it has created thousands of jobs, according to a new study which was conducted recently. Based on the trends, analysts presume that cloud computing has potential for big business opportunities along with new jobs for the professionals.

According to the statistics indicated in the report, 11 cloud computing companies have added 80,000 jobs for the year 2010 which is incredible by any standards. The employment rate was five times than the employment rate of the overall high-tech sector. Additionally, cloud computing companies have projected growth in revenue by $20 billion on an average per year. This growth is a projection for the next five years. With the growth, it is expected that more than 472,000 jobs would be added in the US and abroad in 5 years!

The study also reveals that the boom in mobile computing devices has driven the growth in cloud computing and employment rate. Also, the “social” trend in online services has propelled the growth in increased use of cloud computing development services.

Cloud computing does have a direct impact on the whole business lifecycle since business growth leads to jobs and that is why there is a growing incidence of employment in the sector compared to other industries. Also, analysts believe that the combined growth of mobile computing, social media tools and data management have all grown on the cloud, which is why they attribute continual success of all aspects of information technology if introduced through cloud computing services.


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