Custom SaaS Application Development and the Need of the Hour

The development of Software as a Service or SaaS, has always found favorable reviews and feedback and has triggered fantastic design and deployment ideas in terms of platforms, formats and applications.

With the help of SaaS Application Development services, different business solutions can now reach out to its audience easily while the engagement becomes easier and better. SaaS has always been a revolutionary concept and achieved a lot of success initially and now with the advent of new cloud computing concepts, SaaS is back in form with new forms: PaaS and IaaS which denote platform as a service and Infrastructure as a service. SaaS has been marching forward since the dotcom bubble burst and never looked back.

There are many SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) who are interested in SaaS services  (Saas app development ) and many have already opted for some of their systems since it is pay-as-you-go system which saves on a lot of money. There is a drastic reduction in expenses here. Research giant Gartner has expected that SaaS will witness a healthy growth of more than 19.4% in compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the years 2009 to 2013,

With a low upfront investment cost, software as a service avenues prove to be much more favorable than the upfront cost paying model for several enterprises. One need not make heavy investment for infrastructure and extra costs. This business delivery model now comprises about 11% of the total government agencies according to a recent poll too.

SaaS integration is crucial in many ways. Here is something to discuss about:

1. Integration needs support and the non-IT guys would find it difficult to sort out problems from a fully integrated SaaS solution. SaaS implementations need to have a comprehensive master data record of clients too.

2. Multiple skills are required from an IT professional, especially the simple tasks too. With an implementation in-house it becomes very handy if there are professionals who are all-rounders and multi-dimensional in their abilities. Versatility comes in handy, as always.

3. It is well-known that most decision-makers complain about the shortage of people, money, time and even hardware infrastructure. SaaS provides a better option here!

4. The major integration issues for IT involve complexities in different areas. The middleware is required to decipher service calls and database calls simultaneously. Connectivity to a SaaS solution is pivotal. The workflows need to be in accordance to the set business rules and even the records need to be unique and not duplicated. In conclusion, it is not that how SaaS fits into the existing scenario but how IT can make SaaS work in a setup.

A major benefit of SaaS Apps Development is the engineering efficiencies and scalability of subscription based services and Multi Tenant Applications database instances. Multi-tenant SaaS and virtualization are two different things.


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