Development Trends with Windows Phone 7 - the Latest Patterns

Microsoft has been reinventing its mobile platform after continued mediocrity in the mobile world. The company has managed to stir a fair amount of interest with its latest launch news.

According to a survey conducted by IDC and Appcelerator, there has been a drastic rise in interest related to Windows Phone 7 development. Out of the 2000-odd Appcelerator Titanium developers surveyed recently, about 38 percent responded that they were "very interested" in the mobile operating system. The increase of 8 points is a major rise compared to the findings of the last survey which was conducted some months earlier.

Even the IDC analysis reveals that Windows Phone 7 has revived interest in the mobile OS segment which is attributed to the Microsoft/Nokia partnership and the launch of Nokia Lumia 800.

The latest from the stable of Microsoft related to Windows Mobile Phone development is its next update which is codenamed "Mango." Microsoft recently announced that the update was open to device manufacturing partners.

Manufacturers have started integrating the update into their new smartphone products while those using current phones will get the update a little later from service providers. Mango includes the Internet Explorer 9 browser as well as the SkyDrive cloud-based storage service. Twitter integration is also incorporated within its features.

IE9 Mobile notably is expected of tapping into the overall hardware acceleration resources for constant support to HTML 5-based graphics and textures including video. Use of JavaScript and HTML 5 is what Microsoft is pitching for in the creation of apps especially for their new operating system: Windows 8. This approach is expected to help in Windows Mobile Phone 7 Development in the long run.

One is expected to view a lot of improvements in the new versions of Windows Phone 7 development and further in various domains including:

  • Business and Industry Apps related to different types of enterprises
  • Entertainment and fun apps including puzzles and visual trick questions
  • Games and related apps for promoting new animation movies
  • Audio, Video Player, multimedia tools and apps
  • Contacts and Phone Registry Apps
  • Messaging apps, Communications and phone calling apps like Viber
  • Email clients and related apps
  • GPS, Location-based apps, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi based apps
  • Drawing and Designing apps including 3D supported apps
  • Custom business apps related to specific functions such as ERP/CRM integration
With the enhancements and changes done to the platform, Microsoft is expecting that its Windows Phone apps and games can attract and retain users with its innovative ideas. The demand for Windows Phone 7 development is sky-high and various applications like Silverlight, XNA Framework, and the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 come into play.

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