LAMP Development - Introduction and Growth Trends

LAMP development relies on a viable web server which can conduct operations in a seamless manner. LAMP is pretty versatile for web development and preferred by many of the sites too.

The LAMP development platform varies as per different web programming languages. LAMP developers utilize different languages like PHP, Perl or Python and OS including Windows, Mac OS, etc as per the requirements posed by clients. LAMP is open source and hence the development of LAMP web applications is quite easy, cost-effective too and preferred by the developers.

Some of the benefits offered by LAMP programming

  • Compatible web apps with majority of web browsers
  • Easy coding to get apps running in minimum time
  • Easy development and local deployment.
  • Robust Linux architecture for secure development
There are many offshore software development companies who offer Open Source Application Development services for various industry verticals. The software development services include e-commerce solutions and custom programming solutions. Most of the software development teams will prepare test cases and development flowcharts before commencing on the actual coding and development part. Regardless of the size of the project, most offshore providers attach great importance to quality.

There are some companies which offer varied open source web based solutions depending on LAMP for a variety of clients and their centers. The developers and engineers need to be experienced in handling Linux, Apache, PHP MySQL Development, PHP programming for developing the custom applications as per the requirements posed by relevant clients. You can either create a simple site or a full-featured one for all types of companies. You can even integrate an existing database as needed.

Here are some facts about LAMP that everyone should know before opting for it.
LAMP  is basically an amalgamation of Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP and the platform of choice for rapid web development since it is cost-effective, scalable and secure. LAMP can be instrumental for creating performance-intensive applications too.

The four parts of LAMP have distinct characteristics. Linux is an operating system which can operate on old hardware well and is considered well secure by many. On the other hand, Apache is a well known web server which can be run on different OS types. MS-SQL is reliable and freely available. PHP is one of the most critical development frameworks utilized since it has a number of built-in features which can be used with MySQL. Perl, Python and other programming languages also form a part of LAMP technologies. 

The LAMP application Development framework has the ability to unlock many new possibilities without imposing any licensing restriction and hence widely available all over the world.


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