The Demarcating Trends in the Mobile App Platforms

Appcelerator Titanium is a useful cross-platform mobile development platform which supports rapid app development for different smartphones including the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. The advantage of choosing Appcelerator Titanium is that one can get feature-rich apps which work on any mobile device, irrespective of the platform.

There are many Appcelerator Titanium app developers who have always created innovative apps as per the demands of the market and for varied purposes. The apps have been in different domains such as finance, healthcare, education, social networking and the like. There are various benefits associated with services provided by an adept Appcelerator Titanium developer:

  • Experienced Appcelerator Titanium app developers and engineers
  • Third party API integration of different sites including Facebook, eBay and others
  • Tested apps for error-free working
  • Timely delivery with reasonable prices suited to one’s budget
  • Constant and intermittent support even after project completion and delivery
  • Source code security with integral security policies
Not many of the Appcelerator Titanium app developers and development companies are efficient enough and globally trusted partners. Some of the best developers and app designers will have the willingness to go the extra mile to deliver superior apps. Some of the general services provided by such Appcelerator Titanium app development companies include:

  • Extra-ordinary UI implementation and development
  • Custom Appcelerator Titanium applications tailored to needs
  • Rich apps development and customization
  • Advanced app testing services including black box testing
  • Implementation and integration of enterprise apps
One of the recent Appcelerator/IDC reports revealed the mobile app development market today in statistical measures. The report revealed that HTML5 has been cited as important for mobile developers. iOS is doing well while Android has slipped a little in its efforts. As regards, Windows Phone 7, it is still interesting while BlackBerry has not managed to do something innovative and hence is down.

This report was extracted from the responses of a survey which included 2,173 mobile developers from more than 250,000 Appcelerator Titanium users.

Mobile app development is certainly on the rise and the demand is sky-high. More than half of the respondents of the survey revealed that they intend to accelerate their efforts in the mobile app development arena compared to 2010. Appcelerator users also thought that Apple's operating system takes the spotlight since more than 89% of the developers present showed their interest in creating apps for Apple’s iPhone and the iPad. Appcelerator Titanum developers also expressed interest for developing Android apps but the percentage was a drop of 4.7% from a quarter back at 78.6%.

Modest sales of Windows Phone 7 revealed that there was interest being generated on a moderate scale while Black Berry was not the preferred OS wherein apps were to be built since interest dipped to 15.5% from 20% in the last quarter. The developers also expressed interest in integrating cloud services for mobile apps based on location, notifications, ratings and reviews, photos and different places.

Titanium currently sits 4th on the list of tools that most developers prefer and are using it according to Vision Mobile reports.

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