Mobility and the business model involving mobile apps

Mobility has revolutionized the concept of mobile apps and their distribution. The business models present a decade back gave way to the fantastic “ring tone” business model which was launched some years back to the mobile apps downloads initiated by Apple, there has been constant innovation. The ringtone business model allowed people to change numerous ringtones and even telecom providers could see long term business prospects here. The model is still continued today, but the revenue has decreased due to the apps model.

With the changing business models in various areas related to mobility, the developers have managed to develop new types of options for more opportunities to market. Angry Birds became a viral sensation since it had universal appeal and was uncomplicated to start out. Different age groups could enjoy the game and hence it was one of cult games launched in recent times. There are incredible number of mobile apps found in various mobile platforms related to different markets and domains. One should be aware of the market and its needs before venturing into the mobile application development model since the degree of competition is high and one should envision good ROI for every app being churned out. It should prove enough for the “in-app” payment.

The business model with mobile apps has helped Apple to break world records in terms of its smart phone sales. The demand for mobile apps is constantly high and there is constant innovation to boost the user base.

Mobile application development has time and again proved technologically complex with new frontiers to cross with requirements related to new utilities. Attention needs to be given to converge multiple platforms and smart phones for better accessibility and ease of use. Different security standards need to be met and the costs should be within limits.

Low-end mobile phones mostly have limited features and do not have the necessary screen resolution and hardware power for mobile web development. Hence the need of the hour is to bring more and more features to be embedded in low-end mobiles so that a huge audience is benefitted.

Mobile developers also need to think about compatibility issues and its accessibility by a variety of smart phones of different platforms. There is a rich tapestry of variation in mobile websites which is congruent with mobile features and applications of today’s smart phone world. Mobile sites and apps need to be in accordance to the needs and requirements of end clients for better success.


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