PHP Development and Its Relevance in the IT World

PHP Development is one of the most popular Open Source Development technologies which can help deliver adroit applications for multiple purposes. Its relevance has had far-reaching effects in the IT world too.

With many software frameworks striking a chord with the users, the competition is tough. The PHP Framework makes use of the MVC framework which is simple to work on and extremely helpful for PHP developers. The MVC architecture includes Smarty Tags, XML Parsing, multilingual support and payment gateway integration.

One of the most famous PHP Web Development frameworks is Drupal which is an open source content management system which has customized themes and modules. Drupal service providers can build add-ons and features depending on their clients’ requirements.

Alternatively, PHPBB is an Internet Forum Package based on PHP Application Development which is used for adding several functionalities related to forums and discussion boards. WordPress, on the other hand, has several blogging functionalities and has several theme changes. Joomla, like Drupal offers multiple CMS capabilities has a variety of templates in its offerings.

Magento is one of the latest entrants in the CMS development arena which is quite popular all over the world. The package is used for installation of diverse modules depending on the needs of clients worldwide.

There are several frameworks which developers prefer while using PHP for their applications. CodeIgnitor is one such open source applications Web application Framework which is fantastic for writing PHP codes and has a swift process of development. It is effective and efficient and hence one of the best PHP Frameworks. There are a lot of features and advanced attributes in CodeIgniter which is preferred by beginners too, due to ease of understanding. CI follows an MVC model using conventional PHP Application Development coding. The simplicity and the pace of development of CI make it one of the favorites among developers and programmers and also preferred by beginners. Here are some of the features offered by CI
  • Impressive user guide and comprehensive documentation
  • Extremely simple and easy to use
  • Easy to clear much of the development using controllers and uploading of libraries
  • Mime standard SQL queries with the use of simple, uncomplicated commands
  • Data validation is one of the critical aspects of CI
Symfony is another framework written in PHP Application Development which takes course of the MVC model. Zend is also an open source framework which is implemented in PHP 5 and newly licensed under the BSD license.

However, it is not easy to choose an efficient offshore software provider who can be cost-effective as well as experts in implementing and deploying PHP applications Development. Programming requires perfect synchronization and transparency, especially in PHP development. The requirements need to be met on a regular scale combined with a sound software coding sense.

Hiring a niche domain-specific PHP developer is even difficult than finding an efficient provider. With the rising costs and the standard of living at sky-high prices, it is difficult to find the right provider. It is important that the software development providers who provide PHP development services need to have a team which is competent enough to counter the most difficult problems. Additionally, project managers need to repeatedly consult with their clients so that the project can be streamlined and planned clearly.


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