Cloud Computing with Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure – The Prime Trends and the Future

Building a cloud application helps in heavy computation in a big way. Building a Cloud Application can in Amazon EC2 environment can be a little daunting. But there are tools that can help out companies with the whole process.

Here’s what Cloud Computing can do for different types of web applications

  • Repetitive and intensive tasks
  • Scale of different tasks
  • Massive computation divided into segments
  • Redundant storage data on servers
Benefits of cloud computing

  • Better capacity for high and heavy volume computation
  • Easy scalability on demand for exponential growth.
  • Good ability to meet deadlines as per demand.
  • Automated digital assets and redundant data storage as needed.
It is in this regard, Amazon Web Services are amazing since they offer a host of services that simplify the implementation of cloud-friendly applications.

The Amazon EC2 is one of the several Amazon tools which can simplify your cloud computing experience. The virtual computer instances on Amazon servers are elastic and many of them can be used to get the job done. The tools are easy to use and the APIs also allow control over the instances. Several instances of these images will be used to complete the constituent tasks of applications.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is matching up with Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform by offering 750 hours per month for a year of developer time. Customers can select a set of pre-configured Amazon Machine Images and then they can connect with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client to build, deploy and test their Amazon Web Services Web Apps.

According to Jeff Barr, the instances in micro mode offer consistent processing power and the additional ability to scale up to a higher level of usage as needed. One can support development and tests with the AWS and even host websites. The flexibility of EC2 makes it much more appealing to all types of companies too.

AWS also does not subscribe to a particular OS since it does not have a financial interest in any of the OS competitors. Though AWS will host the same programs and boast of similar features, there would be no preference attached to operating systems. Expectations are huge since once mainstream development takes place on the cloud, Windows users will be the first people to take the plunge. EC2 is trying to be more Windows-friendly in recent times. There are Microsoft developers who are willing to go with AWS instances rather than Microsoft Azure because of the cost-effectiveness of the Amazon cloud platform. The licensing model of Microsoft is complex and costly. Amazon is expected to get support from several such Microsoft developers who might prefer Azure because of the Bizspark free option. Additionally, for the future, it is expected that Amazon will try to rope in Microsoft users who are not happy with Azure for different reasons, which will help Amazon to scale upto be the next preferred cloud computing platform for many Microsoft users who would like diversification of their applications.


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