Offshore Titanium Application Development Strategies and Services - The New Trends

Developers use different strategies for implementing Titanium platform for app development. Most offshore companies provide typical services for implementation and design such as:

  • Quick and dynamic native app development for various smart phones & tablets
  • Rich native mobile app development for different mobile platforms and even for the mobile cloud
  • Quick App development and publishing for the mobile market
  • Mobile application development and mobile website development for different companies and clients
  • Write-once capabilities for different operating systems and various mobile devices
  • 80% reusable development platform across diverse mobile apps for different domains
  • Absence of fragmentation related to mobile device market
  • Extensive support for extra scripting languages, codes & more
  • Multi-OS development for the mobile cloud and also for varied mobile platforms
  • Use of authoring tools like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript according to ideal standards prescribed for mobile app development
  • Rich Multimedia access including apps for the camera and video camera.
  • Third-party API integration and support for Amazon, eBay, smart card, Facebook and others
  • Interactive rich native mobile app development for different platforms
  • Source code security measures with a tight non-disclosure agreement
Various maintenance measures are also taken account by the mobile app development companies including the development of add-ins related to Objective-C (iPhone) or Java (Android).

Companies are expected to provide Titanium consulting, training and integration services using different engagement models. Clients can hire a team of titanium developers whenever they need them on flexible engagement. The developers are required to be skilled in HTML5, CSS3, JS and should be able to execute tasks in a specific time limit. Complete bug and error testing is required as part of the maintenance plan.

The best companies who operate in the mobile app development arena always provide high quality mobile apps by utilizing the titanium platform for their projects assigned. Different apps are in demand today including social, rich multimedia, interactive and so on. Every company who operate in the field is required to have a team of strong, dedicated and experienced appcelerator titanium developers who are well versed with the whole development process and can create apps for the Android, iPhone and iPad along with other mobile platforms. Not many have the required expertise to deliver the best in titanium development.

There are various clients from western countries who have been overwhelmed with the services that they have received in terms of Titanium app development from offshore companies in India and China. The service providers who are excellent in their work are highly recommended while most companies even continue to award projects of similar nature for future work projects.

The time taken for delivering apps through appcelerator titanium development is extremely crucial and can make or mar a project. Vendors are required to have diverse app development expertise related to business, utilities, games, multimedia, travel, tech tools and entertainment.

Offshore software and mobile development companies are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for app ideas. Once a particular project is completed, all the source code and graphics related to the apps are required to be delivered to the client. The apps are then used by the client for their own purposes.

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