Top 5 Trends that You Might See in the Mobile Application Development Arena

Each year has brought in something new in the mobile application development industry. The tremendous growth of the market in terms of mobile consumer activity has been astounding and unprecedented. While 2010 brought in smartphones and mobile apps with utmost precision, 2011 ushered in the era of tablet PC and other interesting mobile devices. The demand of apps is on an all-time high and the variety of mobile operating systems is increasing with an increasing supply of mobile app developer. Here are the five important trends of 2012 that you might see in the mobile app development arena:

Increasing Demand for Business Apps
The mobile gaming and social networking apps have seen steady growth so far but in 2012, the different types of business apps will rule the roost according to more than one analyst. Businessmen are depending on diverse set of smartphones to save on time. They also have the need to multitask and conduct business on the go. The demand of business apps is thus naturally high. The total number of business app downloads is expected to rise considerably this year with lots of revenue expected pour in for all those involved in the development process.

Specialized Apps for Mobile Payment
Mobile consumers are trying to use their mobile devices for making payments and services like Mobile Wallet are getting increasing importance. The online mobile payment is taking precedence over traditional credit cards or debit cards. Even banks are offering beta mobile payment options which are expected to spread all over the world.

The Mobile Customer is Ruling
There are millions of apps related to all categories. To get the app noticed in the market is a tough ask. The strategy to make the app noticeable would be unique in itself too. The app might promote itself as a usable, engaging and a fantastic multi-tasker all in one! Mobile marketing would gain steam soon to pull viewers’ attention to specific apps which are being marketed.

Emergence of Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is gaining traction like never before as almost all types of companies are opting for cloud-based services. This trend would reflect in the mobile app development arena too as there would be a need of cloud-based app providers and cloud sync providers for the mobile as well.

Location-Based Apps Development
Location-based apps, content sharing and social networking through the mobile are trending more than ever before. Social network monitoring tools are in vogue in companies who want to monitor their brand and product reach. Marketing has got a whole new meaning with assessment of consumer behavior, mobile product surveys and interest-specific mobile ads.

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