Top Free Windows Phone Apps for You!

With over 100K apps in the Marketplace, the Windows Phone is certainly making the right noises and there are plenty of apps made by innovative Windows Phone developers to choose from. Here are some of the best apps which are available for free!

1. Spotify
Spotify is an awesome app for the Windows Phone platform and actually works fantastically well with Lumia 800. You can enjoy your existing playlists or search and add music. One can stream tracks and see recent playlists you have created and save them. One can use the standard Windows Phone volume instead of the app’s volume control.

2. Evernote
Evernote has always been a favorite among the app aficionados and is better than OneNote. The Mango update has a lot of improvements that it can boast of. It also has a Wi-Fi background sync of notes; and the notes, notebooks, tags or searches can be pinned to the Start screen.

One can record several notes like boilerplates by having notes pinned up of business cards, wine labels and the like.

3. Tango Chat
The Skype and Lync apps are expected to come out soon but till then Tango Chat is the video chat app which you would love to use. It is well connected to the Address Book and you can call them up simultaneously. The call quality is better than most and works well if you have a front-facing camera. It you don’t have a front facing camera, you can still see or be seen one at a time!

4. EasyRing
The Mango update uses music as ringtones well. The Windows Phone developers have created EasyRing which can help you to find free ringtones and save them to your phone. Alternatively you can crop a music file to length on the phone. The free version has all the features of the app although it is a paid app.

5. Flickr
This app is similar to the web version since you can upload photos directly to Flickr and use it anywhere. The app boasts of live tiles for the photostream and one can link up the Flickr account to Windows Messenger too.

6. Facebook
Windows Phone developers have allowed for tight Facebook integration and events now show up on the calendar and one can easily fetch contact details, status updates and the like easily from your Facebook account.

The Mango version of the app has a Metro interface and a tiled picture section. You can pin messages on tiles including email alerts.

7. 4th and Mayor
The official Foursquare app has tiles for places and it's easier to get back to other apps but the 4th and Mayor has better options for tiles. Places and friends can be pinned anytime and you can choose an image to hint at them too.

8. Seesmic
Windows Phone developers have created Seesmic which can have Mango updates and fast tweets without losing track. Seesmic has the edge when you are in a stream of tweets when you switch to another app, There is Rovi too which is available in a paid version.


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