Cloud computing applications and its immense benefits - An overview

Cloud computing applications can execute and run all sorts of applications if the architecture is strong enough. Moreover it offers a large number of benefits for the average user.

The cloud computing applications can do anything with the right middleware and even run all the programs which a normal computer could usually run. Custom programs, processing solutions, ERP for organizations, almost anything designed for a specific company can be run through a cloud computing system.

But is it really required that another computer system has to run programs and even store critical data. Here is why cloud computing works big time:

  • Clients can access their applications and critical data even if they are roaming. Any computer which is Internet-linked and runs well can serve as an access point to the company data.
  • Data is not restricted to a single hard drive or a single computer or even a single internal network.
  • Cloud computing services helps in bringing hardware costs down. Cloud computing systems not required hardware systems which are complex and cost a moon. The fastest computer is not required with the fastest memory since the cloud system can help here. An inexpensive computer terminal would do the trick. The terminal can consist of monitor, keyboard and mouse and just enough to run the middleware. Most information would be stored in the remote computer.
  • Cloud computing systems gives its clients access to nearly every computer application that you would need. There is absolutely no requirement of software licenses for every employee. A metered fee to the cloud computing company can give you organization-wide access.
  • There is now absolutely no need to buy physical space and store servers and databases since Cloud computing gives the option of data storage on other hardware removing the need for physical space.
  • No need for IT support since the provider will take care of these things. Streamlined hardware would in fact have lesser problems than a network of operating systems and machines.
If the cloud computing system's back end includes a grid computing system, then the client has access and advantage of the entire processing power offered by the provider. It is difficult for individual computers to complete tasks assigned by scientists and engineers since the requirement of processing power is huge. On a grid computing system, one can scale up on resources and the cloud system would release the processing power of all available computers on the back end which would help the data to be processed in a trice.

People worry about cloud computing due to two factors: security and privacy. Handing over data and security to a third party appears problematic for some and many executives might hesitate to take advantage offered by a cloud system just because they are apprehensive of keeping company's information under some relatively less secure lock and key.

It benefits a company to take security measures. Cloud computing companies offer advanced techniques for clients' data security. For safeguarding privacy is difficult. Client's privacy could be compromised if data is accessed anywhere. Cloud computing companies are always in the lookout of safeguarding client privacy. Authentication techniques such as user names and passwords are used considerably and even role-based access is provided.

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