The Latest Trends which are soaring in Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is in the now! According to Gartner, mobile applications and features which will continue to be in vogue in 2012 include

1. Location-based services: Location is one of the most sought after services and the user-base for such services is expected to reach 1.4 billion users by the year 2014. Location-based services offer services based on user’s location, personal preferences, gender and the like to deliver an intelligent user experience. Context-aware service is one of the key trends for most mobile apps.

2. Social networking: This is the fastest-growing consumer mobile app category as it is increasing the network traffic every day. There is cloud storage for increasing amounts e-mail traffic, messaging, videos, games and commerce. Global social sites are expected to soon partner with third parties using open APIs and work as infrastructure providers and data warehouses.

3. Mobile search: Visual search is related to most product searches or price comparison charts. Mobile search apps are expected to allow users to take actions based on results like making reservations or buying a plane ticket. Allowing mobile users access to immediate results is the order of the day. Mobile device vendors are expected to tie-up with search providers at the platform layer for a better user experience.

4. Mobile commerce: Mobile commerce is e-commerce using the mobile. Unique mobile functions are expected to crop up in mobiles such as the ability to "check in" within the retail store to report your presence or even adding products to the cart by clicking a photo of the product barcode like QR code apps do. Richer mobile commerce capabilities are expected to surface as HTML5 finds a way in the mobile world.

5. Mobile payment: Although near field communication (NFC) payment is expected to feature in smartphones soon, Gartner believes they will only become mainstream in 2015. Consumers will be on board boasting of ease-of-use for users without loss of security. User awareness and service coverage is crucial to decide when this option will become mainstream.

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