Mobile Apps and the Changing Tech World for Mobile Developers

Mobile application development is in huge demand and the need for incredible and innovative applications is going up the roof. But it is difficult to up the newness quotient since it is difficult to get things new and fresh day in and day out. Mobile developers are in great demand since there are a huge number of mobile devices today which need apps to survive on, including PDAs and digital assistants which along with smartphones are currently a rage. Both Android and iOS platforms are attracting mobile developers for mobile app development with its own set of features.

To put the employment for mobile app developers into perspective, the recent "America's Tech Talent Crunch" study revealed that job postings for Android developers soared 302% in 2011 compared to 2010 while the number of ads for iPhone-related positions also increased by 220% in the same time frame. which supports various freelancers also reported huge demand for such developers with an increase of 101% over the number of various mobile developer job postings for various platforms.

Mobile app development actually requires great skill and talent coupled with good imagination. Developers are required to offer Windows Phone Development, iPhone Mobile Apps Development, Android app development while also providing services for Symbian apps and Blackberry apps.

A number of companies are trying to rope in mobile developers into their companies to leverage their services through mobile apps. But a couple of years into the mobile initiative, these companies realize that the discipline is centralized and requires a business model which needs internal consultants. An internal team is also required for getting regular updates and to envision the best mobile platform for the company to target.

The development of apps has also eased out in recent years since the advent of cross-platform application development with the use of Titanium and PhoneGap.


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