The Mobile App Development Trends Of 2012 And Beyond

According to Gartner, Inc., the most important mobile apps in 2012 focus on high-end devices. The most successful mobile apps have unique independent features and do not function as a mobile extension of their online peers. Mobile apps now define the user experience and strive to find the right competitive edge. The report further elaborated that mobile apps have the capacity to generate good revenue and also manages to drive hardware sales of new smartphones. What's more, even the advertising spending depends on the mobile market in recent times.

The Gartner report stated that brand companies might increasingly shift marketing budget for experimenting with the mobile channel. Companies, which include technology and service providers are well versed with the latest developments nowadays and are devising new ploys to strengthen their brand image.

The new trends in the mobile app development market are hinting at metered data usage in the near future which will even affect user behavior. One can expect immense battles between carriers and consumers for their right to consume data on a regular basis.

Although Google's mobile operating system is open source, many equipment vendors and carriers are adding their own features and tweaks to the underlying code base for differentiating themselves from others in the market. These tweaks have resulted in 15 screen sizes and resolutions and much of the changes are expected to come in the near future.

Every major brand is trying to have its own app store. Now we have stores for mobile devices, desktops, browsers and for all types of mobile apps. The consumer choice has expanded considerably.

With the growth in apps, consumers are going to soon witness an explosion of the business process apps which would create a huge revolution soon. The enterprise apps market is expected to grow to almost US$100B by 2015.

Apple and Google have cemented their places at the top of the mobile app market but the race is on for the third place position for taking the mind share and market share. Both Samsung and Microsoft are fighting for the honors while HP and RIM are following suit. Businesses and consumers are still wary of embracing new and evolving platforms since that would mean additional costs and investment.

The expectations of the users are sky-high. Nobody is willing to go back and enjoy yesterday's technology. Also only mobile interfaces which dictate web experience need to be around. Everyone including kids are well versed with the mobile devices and expect all devices need to behave like them.

Brands are increasingly entrenching their mobile efforts and serious about marketing their products to all sets of audiences.

Mobile Internet Access has to grow to a huge level to satisfy everybody's wants. Mobile internet access has increased considerably and has exceeded traditional Internet access by a huge margin. This trend is going to impact on usage characteristics of every application and even on the consumption behavior of consumers. Eyeballs are given top priority in every market and the curiosity factor and newness is harnessed to spring on a real surprise. The ad spend on traditional media as well as traditional internet searches are going to change drastically soon in favor of the mobile market.

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