Microsoft Silverlight and its Cutting-Edge Services

Microsoft Silverlight is an efficient cross-platform, cross-browser framework which allows developers to create rich internet applications or RIAs in web development. It is a hugely persuasive platform which is heavily used for creating interactive business applications for different websites, even offline devices and the mobile world. It is also a free plug-in which is freely distributed with all browsers, devices and operating systems as it defines a new era of user experience and interactivity.

Silverlight has a fantastic graphics system which integrates animation, vector graphics and even some profound multimedia features. It can be run in a single runtime environment too and is always interactive. The latest version offers rich class and user interface library which helps in quick web development support for different programming languages.

Not every company has Microsoft Silverlight developers who have large years of experience since the technology is new. There are very rare companies who have completed more than 25 projects in the domain. It is important to set applications which match the customer’s budget their interests. It also allows for highly dynamic and responsive websites which load fast and resemble the processing speed and load time of desktops. Real-time update is a prominent feature of Silverlight and one does not need to refresh the webpage too for loading.

Some companies also have rich experience in Silverlight and .NET programming and not many companies can boast about customers who vouch for their expertise and commitment to overall growth.  A host of web development companies are now interested in Silverlight development for web design and development services. It is particularly tough to get hold of experienced Silverlight Developers who can say that they have in-depth knowledge of the technology. The clients are always in the lookout of talent in the field but not many have managed to gain success.

Here are some of the benefits offered by Silverlight

  • The next generation Rich Internet Application development using Silverlight Asp .Net
  • Cross compatibility between RIA applications developed through Silverlight
  • Engaging user experience with the apps on all browsers
  • Easy integration and migration with existing third-party web applications
  • Quick delivery of high quality audio, video and even graphics
  • Support for LINQ and LINQ-to-XML
  • Support for third party codecs
  • High consistency and interactive user experience
  • Application run without refresh; automatic loading
To leverage the features offered by Silverlight, many companies offer the following services

  • RIA Development and add-ons using several features of Silverlight
  • Audio and video integration with Silverlight
  • Rich animation and multimedia for enhanced user experience
  • Silverlight UI design and development
  • Integration of Silverlight functionalities in websites
  • Widget and game development
  • Integrate with JavaScript and Ajax with current Silverlight applications
It is important to choose an efficient and effective web development provider who can deliver the project on time and within budget. Expertise and experience should be adjudged after a particular pilot project is fulfilled upto expectations. One needs to take care of the whole process from the initial design to final stage. Additionally, one needs to understand that the effects and animation should not be too jarring for websites, but should be used only when needed.


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