Mobile App Development Tips For Better Usability

Mobile app developers need to employ mobile app development tips for better usability. No clear development guidelines are provided anywhere which help developers to make the smartphones usable. The diversity among handset models also confuses the developer with the usability factor.

Here are some solutions with each hardware factor that the developer needs to take into consideration while developing mobile apps:

1. Screen Resolution
Putting in too many features related to screen resolution makes the problem of attending to the size of the screen worse. The trick to tackle the screen resolution issue is to put little information on display screen and then expand it.

2. Colors and Contrast
Most smartphones boast of fantastic color and contrast capabilities. Programmers tend to use many colors for the apps without realizing the phones are to be used in all types of lighting conditions. Poor light conditions might hamper the visibility here making it difficult for users to read info on the screen.
As a developer, preferably use high contrast color schemes with blocks of solid color. Also, make use of simple graphics so that the app is appealing as well as offers better utility value.

3. Button Functions
It is important to know all the functions of the smartphones and the button functions need to be addressed too.  The button indicators should convey their purpose well to the end-users. A detailed Help section displaying the benefits of the button functions needs to be in place for users.

4. Font Size
Cell phones contain small fonts which are difficult to read. Hence, mobile developers need to make sure that the content is less, but fonts are as large as possible. This helps in the overall usability of the app.

5. Cursors
Mobile devices can never be manipulated with cursors. Of course, most smartphones either use a stylus, trackball, and other options. But nearly every phone uses a different style of cursors.

Avoid using functionalities like drag and drop which is difficult on a mobile device. Also, avoid the whole screen to be clickable but have an enlarged interface for users to work better.


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