Mobile Apps For You To Earn Money Available!

Smartphones normally cost a lot of money, but did you know it can help you make money? Here are two free apps to earn money with small jobs. Both EasyShift and Gigwalk are free apps which can help you earn your dough with no strings attached. The idea behind the apps is that companies would hire one to do some simple work with the help of the iPhone. After the work is submitted, one can get paid via PayPal account.

One can do testing on similar jobs using both apps, which mostly cover beginner-level work which do not take more than 20 minutes per job. EasyShift is developed by Quri Corp. and was launched last year as an iPhone app. The app is dedicated to stock-checking tasks related to convenience and drug stores.  Gigwalk launched nationwide in May 2011 and opened for both iPhone and Android phones. It matches businesses with the workers, and the rates vary more than EasyShift's jobs.

The EasyShift app offers step-by-step process of job descriptions. The jobs are basically done for manufacturers for competitive aspects including promotional prices and product placement. Gigwalk jobs vary greatly and have different types of jobs.

The jobs are pretty much addictive and also very easy. One has to answer some questions sometimes or take pictures of energy drinks. You can scour for apps' built-in maps for the nearby job list. You might even get paid enough for some hard work. There is much pride associated with doing the tasks correctly for a few bucks and this leads to higher-paying jobs ultimately.

Gigwalk gives small jobs that add up quickly. An average worker or Gigwalker earns $200 to $800 every month while some earn casually 40 to $80 on a monthly basis. An EasyShift user can make $100 to $200 monthly too.

EasyShift is more user-friendly than GigWalk since it divides every job step in different screens so that it is clear for users to complete the job. GigWalk does not give a clear description for every job like EasyShift does.

With Gigwalk, users apply for jobs and expect to hear back if they are accepted for the job or not. EasyShift jobs can be instantly claimed by tapping Reserve while Gigwalk users can tap Quick Apply for applying for jobs.

The tasks often involved in GigWalk are of varying degrees of complexity and effort. Though they may appear similar, they are not so. The gigs might include visiting a Chinese restaurant and taking of photos of the menus. Answering survey questions is also part of the gig sometimes. A similar-sounding job might pay me double the amount since the effort might be more.

EasyShift pays its workers sometimes by the same night. Gigwalkers also get paid well within a day and sometimes it takes about 5 days before you get paid, but that is a rare occurrence. Both apps are good enough mobile apps which offer simple ways to earn money and nobody is too overqualified to say that it is not worth it!

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