Offshore Silverlight Development and Its Various Services

Many companies based in India promote themselves as those who provide top notch Microsoft Silverlight App Development services. They have a team which is full of Silverlight developers and Flex professionals who deliver web design and development services. But not many companies are wholly experienced in the domain. Developers build applications which suit the customer’s budget along with business interests. Silverlight Development services provided by some companies allow the creation of highly dynamic and responsive websites which do not take much of time for loading or processing. Using Silverlight, one can get animated effects without the need for refreshing the page completely. Silverlight also brings the gap of traditional applications and web applications closer.

Not many companies have rich experience in Silverlight and .NET programming and seldom have some companies scored more than 10 projects in any domain. One should always look out for testimonials and previous clients of such vendors who claim that they are the best in the business. One should be aware of the client’s expertise as well as the quality of work that they have delivered previously. It is important to be committed to the growth of our customers.  It is also necessary to share Silverlight Development solutions expertise with much detail with the vendors once they are finalized.

Some companies provide a plethora of services in Silverlight because of their wide range of expertise and experience of several years in ASP.NET development. Here are some services which are provided by the typical offshore web development providers:
  • Silverlight Domain-specific Application Development
  • ASP.NET Development
  • XAML Development
  • XML development
  • WCF-based RIA Services
  • Modules Development
  • Sales Dashboard Development
  • Portal Development
  • Plug-ins Development and Customization

Clients should be sure of the offshore vendor that they have chosen and also of the expertise of the Silverlight development team that they have planned to hire. Sometimes, some companies conceal the experience and expertise of some Silverlight developers who have low experience and always showcase the experience and knowledge of particular project managers. A company’s rich experience in Silverlight development can be witnessed once clients confirm about their previous work in the same technology. Here are some of the modules which are offered by the ideal set of companies who provide Silverlight development services:
  • Silverlight RIA services
  • Silverlight Controls
  • Silverlight Dashboards
  • Silverlight Charts
  • Silverlight services coupled with Expression Blend

Some of the applications that are usually provided by experienced companies in offshore locations include:
EHR/EMR application, especially for the healthcare industry
Virtual event management systems
Sales and marketing dashboards along with sales decision support systems
Online tracking of goods for transportation and logistics companies
E-commerce applications including e-stores and shopping portals
Social networking sites, plugins and third-party add-ons

It is also important for any client opting for a service or a solutions provider in the field of Silverlight development to confirm whether they have worked for clients belonging to different industries. Ideal service provider companies work for different domains including the social networking industry, the Healthcare industry, media industry, Logistics industry and Finance industry. Domain-specific problems can be solved only by firms who are well-versed with the industries. No amount of technology experience can offset the domain experience need.


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