Why Should One for Open Source Development Strategies?

It is well known with open source development technologies flooding the market that most people opt for it while some don’t. But it is good if you prefer open source, since there are many advantages in it for you.

The prominence of open source in the market is huge. But there are people who ask for the right reason to opt for open source technologies. Many argue about why one should prefer open source for development.  Convincing the board of the organization to opt for open source is tough sometimes. Here are some reasons why open source makes absolute sense in terms of a strategic business option.

Limited Risk-:
Many companies fail and suffer severe losses since today’s volatile market is extremely unpredictable. It is hence important to limit risk by not depending too much on costly technology. Closed-source software involves a huge amount of risk. With open source software, the risk is totally zero. Even if the sourcing company fails, you can still use the product.

Importance to quality-:
Open Source software is not limited by number of developers on staff like that of their closed source counterparts. Many developers can resolve bugs easily and add new features too. Open source software is usually maintained by dedicated developers of a community and many end users participate in the activity too. There are extremely limited numbers in developers who can actually change the product and alter the course of the software but the community members keep identifying bugs and offer tips to each other while also submitting patches. Many eyes on the source leads to higher quality in the end product and software.

Cost-less Development-:
Cost-cutting is hugely important today and is critical to the success of any business.  Bug-fixes, addition of features, and product documentation also take up cost. With open source technologies, these requirements are met by the community. Any issue which has not been addressed in the community before can be addressed if you yourself get involved and get the work done.

Pay as you go and when you need-:
Open source Web Development software is a big investment in effort. It is implemented rapidly and the cost involved is minimal. But many organizations would still ask for support for the open source products. Enterprise level software products in an open source environment are backed by organizations that provide support.

Always ask for the best talent-:
Always opt for developers who are hugely productive compared to their peers because they are skilled and passionate in what they do. The open source community includes all such passionate developers who are ready to take the plunge if the project is exciting enough. Get going for roping some of these highly skilled individuals to boost overall productivity.

Transparency in Product Development-:
If you are developing a product, it should involve transparency. Bugs are found and new features are discussed at length in forums and communities. This helps in keeping your organization informed about the latest in the field and get inputs related to strategy.  Open source software is not tied in to vendor constraints but flourishes with market demand.It is not that the proprietary software is way costly or unreasonable, but open source software products are viable options to consider.


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