The Popularity of Mobile Game Development and Role of Mobile Game Developer

Mobile phones are not limited to communication devices only. Today, mobile phones are used different purposes. They have become entertainment gadgets with music, films and game facilities. As a matter of fact, mobile phones have become an integral part of the lives of people today. Young and old everybody is using a mobile phone today with all the above-mentioned features to make the user experience more exciting and enjoyable.

There is no doubt that mobile phone games are the best pass times and some people are simply addicted to them. The development of mobile phone games are not a confined territory anymore. This is where the importance of a mobile game developer can be judged.  It’s a fact that mobile developers have increased in number and are churning out new games every day. These games are not only interactive but fun as well.

The first mobile phone game was named Snake which made its debut in the year 1997. Since then mobile phone developers have been steadily developing new games which are more modified and exciting. The mobile phone games have changed with time and have been launched with new technology supported by the enhanced processing capabilities of mobile phones. The games have evolved with the evolution of mobile phones. The better the technology of mobile phones, the more interactive and fun the games are.

Java games are the latest in mobile phone gaming industry. The Java games are perfect for the tech savvy speed lovers. Some of the Java games are released with multiplayer options. Some of them are even being released in the 3D format. These have set the standard for future mobile phone games. Mobile gaming industry is fast becoming a multi-million dollar industry with several big shot mobile manufacturing and telecommunication organizations plunging into the scene making games that are extremely interesting for the end users.

Over the years, the gaming experience has increased a thousand times and people now have superior choices. Games are not only used for the purpose of entertainment, but are also used for the purpose of promotional activities by corporate organizations across the globe.

Most organizations outsource their mobile application development projects to companies where customized games are produced. The mobile game developers add impactful "call to action" factor in the games. This factor increases the revenue and also enhances the brand value of the corporate organizations for which the games are produced. Outsourcing the games production saves cost which helps in surviving the stiff competition in the market.

Some of the most utilized mobile phone game development tools include Cocos2D, which is a type of 2D game framework being used widely for mobile phone game development. 2 versions of the game are written in Objective C and Python. UNITY is another integrated authoring tool. All of these innovative tools are primarily used to create 3D games with animations and visualizations. Even the latest Iphones and Android mobiles support these games. Additionally, Maya is another favorite tool of the mobile game developers. The tool was initially used in films and PCs and is awesome for 3D effects.


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