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The highly popular multimedia iPhone is an original product of Apple Inc., it brought revolution in the zone of touch screen mobiles. Being a fully touch phone, integrated camera with many more features to offer like media player similar to that of ipod, more memory storage and internet browsing. People went fascinated over this stunningly sleek touch mobile for its unique yet simple and attractive design, the wide display and excellent features. Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in a media conference on 9th January, 2007. Apple Inc. launched the iPhone in collaboration with AT&T mobile.

The iPhone received startling appreciative response from public. The day it was made available, people stayed out all night waiting for the shops to open in order to buy this smart-phone. 270,000 iPhone units were sold in first 30 hours and after it was available in the West parts of the world, 6.1 million units were sold within one year and three months. Maybe Apple had already predicted the success of their product and thus they announced that their new product would support also third party applications and software. This second product launched by Apple enabled the feature of supporting third party software,that was - the Apple iPhone 3G, unveiled on 11th July, 2008, undoubtedly Apple's another successful device.

Till today the sales of iPhones has reached to a whopping total of 21.4 million. It's popularity had lead to the development of third party iPhone applications, creating a huge market for it, full of profit. The number of iPhone mobile developers had to pay the Apple developer connection membership fee for letting the millions of people to download their iPhone applications legally. Mobile Application developers were allowed to decide any amount of price of their applications, of which 70% share would be theirs and the remaining 30% would be that of Apple's.

Slowly and gradually mobile website developers entered this field and staring creating iPhone enabled applications and websites too. Companies would also hire iPhone application developers seeing the demand in market for iPhone applications. The sales of iPhone programs raised to a billion and increasing day by day, with the developers earning exhorbitantly.

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In the above article, David Jones shows the revolution Apple Inc.'s iPhone brought in the mobile industry. With all the factual details of its launch, sales, about its mobile website development and sales, etc. And as to how much profit Apple has gained till date from its touch screen device.


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