Outsourcing Software and Product Development

Now a days not only big companies like Adobe, Microsoft are doing software and product development in India at their development center. But now many other small to medium scale companies have started software and product development and started entering into outsourcing software product development. It is considered that, increase in business will be around 100% in offshore outsourcing product development.

Software Product development requires specialised skills which not every software outsourcing company has. Product selling firms in US and Europe can reduce their software development cost by doing offshore outsourcing. And, they can concentrate on marketing and new ideas. Also, they may have to maintain people with specialised skills if they want to do on their own. If they want to open their own small development center in India, it can also be done and also by aligning with Indian software outsourcing company, they can get access to wider skill area.

In Product Development lifecycle companies should take care while making the decision on their offshore partners that they stand beside them during the entire product life cycle from where ever they start.

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