The Rise, Demand And Advantage of Google’s Own Operating System - Android

Android-based smartphones and their apps have witnessed a tremendous rise in some months. The apps market has been booming at an incredible rate while a slew of new gadgets and new smartphones are being introduced within a span of some days. Industry experts believe that the popularity of some path-breaking Android phones including Motorola Droid, and some HTC models fueled the surge in demand. Additionally, because of the open source nature of the OS, many developers are willing to innovate with the features on offer in the hardware front.

The use of Android based smartphones has also triggered the development of thousands of Android apps. According to the recent study, the growth of the market has seen a rise of 32 per cent every month, and the success is attributed to the launch of path-breaking smartphones: Samsung S II, MotoBLUR, Motorola Droid etc.

The biggest advantage that the OS offers to the developers is that it is an open source platform and actually gives freedom for third-party Android app developers to come up with something inventive and innovative in their apps. Developers who are working for offshore software development teams are capable to provide effective Android application development with their combined creativity and vision.

Some of the latest functionalities that have become popular in Android OS include the integration of Cloud based service with the ERP solutions which are now installed in different organizations. This enables the mobile workers to work on real-time basis. One can create and update sales contacts and actual sales into the company ERP from one's smartphone.

Location based services have become extremely popular from which one can sought for information of a customer with the help of GPS. Additionally, phones are supposed to work like credit cards soon when people can actually be able to shop using recharges and mobiles. E-commerce can expand well if the trends involving mobile integration with ERP solutions are encouraged across the country.

Android developers have also delved in different domains for creating apps within the Android framework and the apps have proved compatibility with PDAs, smartphones and other gadgets too.

There are various mobile app development companies based in eastern countries which are fantastic hubs for outsourcing business. Most developers found in India and China are experts in handling apps with the help of Android SDK and can actually leverage the programming language to create something interesting for the clients who outsource bulk contracts.

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