Requirements of a Web Development Service Provider and the various stages involved

While searching out for a web development company or provider, one needs to check out for the following criteria:
  • Proven track record of delivering different types of projects
  • Years of experience at executing outsourced projects related to web development
  • Versatility of the provider in different technologies and domain-specific expertise
  • Certifications and achievements along with relevant portfolio
  • Quality control measures for better quality of final web application
  • Better and flexible engagement models for working out web development projects
  • Use of multiple web development frameworks and ability to work with multilingual features
  • Content management support as well as SEO services
  • Price competitiveness and reasonability in budget
  • Sound understanding of Cross Cultural and Time Zone issues
Even after doing a background check of the client, an onsite visit will do no harm. Check out the reputation of the company, the current projects that they are involved in and the overall portfolio. Check out the staff and the professionals who are going to be part of the project and the transparency in the dealings. A view of the quality procedures practiced at the organization will give you a better idea about the deliverables.

The Different Stages of Web Development – for Vendors

There are several stages of web development before a website is ready for general use:
  • Concept/Pre-Alpha: In this stage of development, the idea is basically an abstract idea than the eventual site. Through this stage the overall framework is formed and the coding starts.
  • Alpha: In this stage there is a site which can be visited but is full of bugs which need to be tracked out.
  • Beta: In this stage the site is near completion. The various menus and submenus are in working condition and the links are redirecting to the landing pages perfectly. Additionally the Flash/ Silverlight animation should be working fine in different browsers. Some bugs are needed to be sorted out but the site is open for public testing.
  • Final/Stable Launch: After you have Beta tested your site for a fair amount of time and the design is worked out, the site is ready for launch. This is the last stage which indicates that the site is completely developed.
By being aware of what needs to be done during the web development process and then planning out systematically keeping into account the total days involved, success is assured. Picking up the right web development vendor is critical for clients while vendors themselves need to be systematic in their planning and execution.

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