Web Application Development Services Offered by Offshore Countries Are Extremely Cost-Effective!

Offshore Web application development has witnessed a drastic rise since the advent of recession in 2008 which broke out in the US. Computers remained idle due to the cost-cutting phase while the owners realized that it was difficult to get things done in the country itself. Many companies in the western countries realized that outsourcing IT and non-core tasks are their only chance to get back to profitability. Nowadays, there a plethora of companies who are actually working with offshore software development firms and there are many others who have outsourced most of the work to India or China. There have been instances when some companies have burnt their fingers due to software outsourcing. Nevertheless, the low costs involved works as an added incentive for most firms.

Outsourcing benefits most of the companies because vendors usually use their own infrastructure and hardware and even their own workforce for providing the services. There are no overheads involved due to hiring of workforce, installation of applications or hardware. Most vendors in India and eastern countries are good in communication and collaboration. Moreover, there are companies who are willing to work round-the-clock which gives the US companies an advantage of a 24-hour working schedule and virtual workers for the whole day literally! Some of the salient features of Web application development are:
  • Flexible IT services combined with cost-effectiveness
  • Custom tailor-made solutions offering personalized remedies for different problems
  • Skilled workforce and talented virtual workers
  • No overheads involved for hiring in-house team
  • Clear documentation and transparent timeline working system
  • 24/7 customer support and maintenance of existing application
According to some analyst reports, 40% of Fortune 500 companies have opted for outsourcing their non-core tasks and the list has grown since then. Many companies have cited low costs and decent efficiency helps in yielding the best ROI ration by outsourcing the work. Savings have always been in the range of 40%-70%.

It is not easy to choose an offshore software provider since the effort demands good synchronization between client and the provider. Proper knowledge of English and communication strategies is important for the success of any type of Web application development outsourcing project.

Indian companies are found to be adept in documenting the required solutions and many even offer additional support for maintaining the developed applications. The work quality and efficiency is always in part with international standards and one can even hire developers and software engineers who are well-versed in more than one programming languages such as PHP, JAVA, .NET, Ruby on Rails (ROR) etc.

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