Offshore Software Development Services - is it really recommended?

Companies around the world have opted for software outsourcing with offshore vendors. A critical part of the strategy involves business flexibility since it allows for focus on core competencies while also offering cost-effective solutions. For companies just starting up, the benefits of offshore software development are humungous.

As pointed out in some reports, worldwide offshore practices do not revolve around cost alone but on overall expertise and experience of the vendor. Worldwide practices reveal that low prime cost is not the prime factor which affects different projects but resources are much more important. One needs to strike the right balance between cost and resources while implementing an offshore software development model.

One of the most important benefits of outsourcing is that a company attains freedom from non-core activities to spend more time towards their prime work. One can easily maneuver your work force depending on the tasks to be done.

There are many such benefits which offshore outsourcing services offer. According to reports from, America’s growth in recent years has been attributed to offshore destinations such as India. The country is fast proving itself to be a coveted offshore country for outsourcing needs. India is a destination which boasts of high quality resources and immense cost benefits without even a language barrier since majority of learned Indians are fluent in English. India has also attained maximum reviews from western companies for good qualitative work that it has delivered in the past. Even the recent spate of government policies, have proved favorable for healthy trade and cost benefits related to setting up of branches of multiple companies from the west.

Education in India has improved tremendously since the average school-going children are quite well versed with the latest technologies and the new happenings in the scientific world. Indian students are said to have remarkable grasp over the English language and have displayed decent aptitude on more than one occasion on different platforms. There are many colleges and universities in India who train their students in the latest technologies in the best manner possible. Hence the resource pool in India is huge with tremendous scope for companies in western countries such as US or UK to open their subsidiaries in the country. The cost-effectiveness factor plays a major role while companies are looking for setting up centers to boost profits.

Indians are available as worthy resources in both quality as well as quantity. The liberal policies and initiatives started by the government also play an important role to support the growth of outsourcing sector. Technology is being pulled to the grass roots by bringing in forest direct investment money (FDI). Additionally, it is important to note that the selection of an ideal outsourcing provider is essential for every company willing to put in their money for outsourcing needs. The choice will decide whether the company will make profits or face losses from its decision. Previous experience and overall expertise of the vendor needs to be cross-checked before awarding a software development project, in particular.


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