PHP-based content management systems

Content management systems are extremely popular today because most of the CMS features make it easy for any company in the internet world to showcase his or her services. PHP-based CMS are the most popular of the whole lot of open source systems.

A typical Content Management System helps its users to publish, edit and delete content from the admin system which can be easily done. Knowledge of HTML makes it even easier for anybody to make changes to the whole content layout and its look and feel.

Here are some of the PHP-based content management systems which are extremely popular in the world today

WordPress is an extremely powerful CMS which was first designed as a blogging platform. But after a period of time, using some tricks and plugins, WordPress has become a complete CMS solution. It is preferred by many individuals and corporate companies for their use.

Drupal is a modular framework in terms of a Content Management System and one of the most popular PHP systems in the world. It is a useful back-end system for a number of websites worldwide, and can control sites including blogs and even dynamic websites. Currently, even the most popular websites are based on Drupal.

Joomla has won a lot of awards related to content management system (CMS) for its innovative features which helps developers to create powerful online applications. Joomla is easy to use and extensible making it the most popular website software. It is freely available too!

Mambo is a full-featured CMS that can be used for creating simple to complex websites. Mambo has lot on popularity to Joomla but some sites still run on this CMS solution today.

Concrete5 is a fantastic open source content management system with a not-so-complex admin interface. The CMS solution has a unique facility in which you can edit a web page live by using the editing option as an administrator. This feature is quite rare in a CMS solution.

PHP developers utilize Textpattern which requires PHP 4 to run. The CMS solution was well known for its plugins and could be customized and tailored according to specific needs.
Symphony is a popular CMS solution that uses XML/XSLT for its language. The solution is easy to customize anything including the URL structure and add it to the publishing environment. It is difficult for a non-programmer to use the solution though.

MODx is one of the interesting PHP application frameworks which is used as a content management system and was one of the earlier PHP systems to offer an API that could support AJAX. What’s more, MODx is SEO friendly to the core and allows SEO engineers to edit the meta content of a webpage.

Habari Project
Habari was a popular blogging platform based on PHP framework. It is perfectly written for the web hosting environment and supports modern OOP techniques.

CMS Made Simple
CMS Made Simple is a custom PHP framework and consists of a lot of modules. The CMS is completely easy to implement, even for a newbie.

Jojo CMS
Jojo is a SEO-friendly CMS based on PHP which helps its developers to extend its functionalities. It helps the user to add incredible number of product databases, blogs, galleries or any other widget.


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