Most Companies Prefer Custom Software Development to Off-the-Shelf Applications

Many software development outsourcing companies have sprung up to counter the increasing demand of custom software development. These software development organizations have expert professionals working for them and boast of some of the most innovative minds in the industry. They apply their creativity and vision to software development in the shortest time possible in a cost effective manner to its clients for meeting their needs.

Software outsourcing has been the trendiest part in the IT industry in the last decade where most of the tasks have been outsourced to eastern countries to save on costs. This model has worked successfully for many companies and this has exhorted some other companies to consider it. According to some reports, there have been some instances when US companies have not been satisfied with the services rendered by the outsourcing companies but an overall efficient outlook and low costs have forced the western countries to resort to deal with offshore centers to face recession.

Software designers and developers have been in huge demand in the eastern countries since most companies are trying to expand their offerings on more than one count which have forced them to bank on their resources. There is a huge skilled pool especially in India. It is a blessing for the Asian countries since the outsourcing trend has helped them grow considerably in the last few years.

Custom software development is largely the most important trend in outsourcing of services where business needs drive the user software and get converted into software product. Offshore software development involves customized solutions in various segments which also helps clients to get more out of less. After a detailed analysis of the requirements, software development companies create a custom solution using their technology expertise.

In recent years, offshore software development and custom software development have undergone a drastic makeover along with many cost-effective options for the west. The emergence of Web 2.0 has driven the web space with dynamic websites and rich internet applications (RIAs) and Open Source technology too. The outsourcing mode has provided huge success in offshore software development in India. 

On the other hand, software development services provided by Indian companies have roused competition with other Asian countries like China and Philippines. India has been the most preferred destination for outsourcing.

It is also essential for clients to approach the right development company which can deliver the right software. The software developers also should have good success with similar projects and should display sound software coding sense. The estimation should be in accordance to the rates of the company and to the business needs. Any deal between the software provider and the client company should be beneficial and lucrative to both the parties involved.

Most software development companies invest in their own infrastructure and the resources. Some even work as per client time zone depending on different time zones. Here are a few reasons why offshore custom software development is feasible to many:

  • Flexible customized services for better cost-effectiveness
  • Custom and tailor-made solutions for different projects
  • Skilled, talented professionals with particular expertise
  • No undue pressure on internal hiring or in-house team
  • Efficient documentation and daily reporting
  • 24/7 and seven days a week customer support.


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