Windows Phone Web Apps - the Best Ones!

With the latest OS version and new and sleek smartphones in its arsenal, Windows Phones are making quite an impression. Here are the best Windows Phone apps which might prove to be a good fit for you.

Flickr Manager
Flickr and photos go hand in hand. Those who love to have their pictures and images well organized would also love Flickr Manager. Windows Phone 7 is well integrated with Facebook and Flickr. Flickr images from your friends can be accessed easily through the app. Flickr Manager is a fully featured app which is surely please photo lovers. Get set going and download the app for use today.

There are people who are great Netflix fans who love the services provided by the company. The Netflix app strives to strengthen the bond with the help of a Windows Phone 7 app. Netflix provides exceptional video stream quality and the streaming can be easily done via 3G or WiFi. Get your movies crystal clear to your phone now! Everybody would like the systematic Queue management and playback sync features of Netflix so all devices which run the app can be simultaneously synced up, just like Kindle. Netflix is a must download app if you do not have it presently.

AP Mobile
The AP Mobile application for your WP7 handset is a fantastic source of information about all tech news. This is a vanilla application which displays news in an uncluttered manner and without any frills and ads. It presents news which one can easily digest and use for daily routine. 

BoxFiles for Dropbox
This is one of the most important apps which you can have on your Windows Phone 7. The WP7 already comes with its cloud sharing service which is known as SkyDrive. But for existing users of Dropbox, you should have the Dropbox app. Although there is no official Dropbox app as yet, one of the best apps which replicates its service is BoxFiles for Dropbox which can help you access your dropbox folders on the fly. You can even share and transfer files from the Windows Phone SkyDrive account or just upload photos, images and other files directly to the account from the phone.

One can start pinning certain folders that you wish to upload since the phone allows for background transfers up to 5MB. Till then, one can concentrate on something else!

Office Mobile 2010
Well, there are may who use Microsoft Office for their office tasks, but here is one corporate app which is exclusive to Windows Phone Web Apps. The Office Mobile 2010 is a free app and comes default with the smartphone and hence absolutely no download is required. One can view all familiar file extensions and formats in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and hence all the essential back-office tools are easily at your disposal. Office Mobile includes SharePoint Workspace which can be presumably integrated with the existing SharePoint installation and helps you to view, edit, and download documents which are stored in that server.

Scan a document when you do not have a scanner with the help of the Handyscan app which is a document scanner app that can scan receipts, contracts, reports, and the like. You can even send them via email or upload them to the cloud. Convert them to PDF with the paid version of the app.


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